Friday, February 24, 2006

All hail the eyelid

First off, for those that have sent good wishes and asked, Ruby is doing great. No swelling, no breathing problems. We are keeping her on Benedryl until Friday, and she takes pills fine (well, rolled up in a ball of cheese, but still). In fact, she is even snoring a bit less LOL. If it happens again we should bring her for allergy testing. If it turns out she is allergic to dust and cat hair, we are screwed. Today is another "deadline" day. Yes, I know I should be working working, but this is my first break since before 8am. See how dedicated I am to you, my readers? No pee breaks (which I desperately need need about now), no coffee reheats, no stopping to kiss the dog. But I will take a break to write the blog! Dh is in a chatty mood today. Casting nasty glares at him and saying "I have a deadline" while my eye twitches menacingly is too subtle for him today. I started ignoring him completely, but that just made him talk louder, and TOUCH MY ARM to get my attention. I was ready to stab him with a chopstick if he did that again. See how fun I am? LOL! I was up late working, and this morning I looked pretty much like I felt. A used-up dishrag looks more alive than I did. I am not sure I am awake yet, actually. The only signs of life are furously moving typing fingers and a twitching eyelid. I want copious amounts of brewed coffee, but we only have a one-cup coffee pot and I don't think I could stand to hear it steam and spit. Instant coffee is not doing it today. And I don't want Tim Hortons....I want a latte from starbucks. But do I want to take a break to go there and pay 5.00 for a cup of coffee? Not really. Too cheap and too busy. We have a houseguest. My sister's poodle, TIA. No, not thanks in advance. Tia, which in some language somewhere means "I love you" I think. Her and Ruby have been spending the day taking turns going outside, peeing, asking to come back in, then wanting out again to check the NEWEST pee that the other one left. There may have been a poop or two in there too, I wasn't watching that closely. She is such a lovey, but she shakes. I don't know if she is cold or scared or just shakes because she gets attention. I have baby blankets down all over the house for her to bundle up in. I wish I could have gotten something in the photo for reference, she is tiny tiny tiny. DH says she weighs less than the remote. She is barely a foot long. The minute she saw the camera she jumped right on the chair and posed. Nope, never had her picture taken ;). She is a whiner. Constantly. She makes noises sort of like R2-D2 when he isn't sure of something. Her bark is more like a scream, and causes instant heart stoppage. Twice last night she got startled by the cats and barked like she was being murdered. The first time dh and I both woke up in the throes of heart failure. I slept through the second time, I adapt like the borg when it comes to sleep. When dd was a baby she could roll over in her sleep and I would wake up. But once my little brain decides a certain noise is safe, tuned out completley. DH is not so adaptive. I can still startle him by walking into a room. Not quietly, no sneakiness, just walk in. It's like he thinks he lives alone and is always surprised to see the rest of us. Either that or too much coffee. Well, the twitching eye says it is time to go back to work, after all, there is that deadline. Till next time!

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