Monday, February 13, 2006

The ears have been pierced

Well, the house did not get cleaned, but the ears did get pierced. We let her choose the earrings, she picked gold with her birthstone. It was a good choice. She looks absolutely adorable, but so grown up *sob*! I was worried about doing the thrice-a-day cleaning with solution (you should see what I have to go through to brush her hair or wash her face, it is not pretty) but so far she has submitted her earlobes with barely a peep. She would NOT let me take a picture of one of her ears. "You are going to put it on the INNERNET. No. Way." rofl. Let's just hope she maintains this attitude into her teen years - we'll never have to worry about her posting pics of her half-naked (or all naked) self for the world to see. I have noticed, that when it comes to things like this - GIRLIE things - getting ears pierced or buying tights or selecting barrettes, that DH not only stands there like a lump but looks scared to death. He wants to be there. He wants to be part of "it". But a deer-in-the-headlights looks more relaxed than he does. What does he think is going to happen? It's not like we are going to force him to pierce something (we weren't in THAT kind of shop) or model little pink clothes. I admit though, it is nice that he was there. Because DD is going to remember that her daddy held her hand while they pierced the second ear (let's just say that she did not cry or anything but it must have hurt more than she expected). And bought her a princess doll afterwards, even though he is the king of the "you have enough toys already and if you cleaned your toy room you would see that" rant. Since I could not take a picture of her ears, I will show you a picture of her feet (in a pair of socks that I knitted for her). Who can resist stripey socks???? See 'ya tomorrow!


JenTX said...

Well, it's about time you updated your blog! Whatcha doin', taking the weekends off? *S* I was needing my "funny story" fix! Love those stripey sox! Now if she would let you sneak a pic of her ears. You DID say she has perfect earlobes! Give her a hug (and Jeff too). It's hard to see your little ones grow up.

JenTX said...

Crud. My earlier comment didn't post. I've been checking in all weekend! You CAN'T take days off! LOL Love those stripey sox! Wish she would let you take a pic of her with her earrings. I know she is growing up so fast. Give them both a hug. Glad he was there to hold her hand.

Indy Anna said...

What about JUST her earlobes?

Thanks for updating. I love a good read :)

Wanda said...

CUTE socks! I love them! And cute story too. How about you tell her we just want to admire the new earrings? Could we see a photo that way???? ;)
Wanda in South Texas (the bee)