Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happy Hundred Day!

Last night, right before bed, my darling daughter looked up at me with those beautiful eyes and said "Don't forget about my hundred things". What hundred things? "Tomorrow is hundred day, and we need to bring in one hundred things". On the hundredth school day, every school in the city celebrates 100 day in various ways. I figure I can bring it upon myself to count out 100 cheerios, so not a big deal. "But not food!" the child states, holding up her hand in perfect 'stop' fashion. "We are going to line the things up on the floor of the gym and measure them to compare". NOT FOOD?!?! In JK we sent cheerios. In SK we sent pumpkin seeds. And now, all of a sudden, they are too grown up to bring food items? I suppress the momentary panic that my baby is growing up (which usually makes we want to lie down with a wet cloth on my forehead) and rack my brain for ideas. What on earth do we have 100 of, that is worthy of this discerning child? No way can I get away with "you go to sleep and I will think of something". Not this kid. She wants to see it and approve it. Drat. So my husband and I scour the house. Well, I scour the house, he follows me around rejecting anything I come up with. Legos? Not all the same shape and size. Leaves from the dead plant in the living room? Ewww. Bottle caps? No way do we have 100 bottle caps. And no time for him to catch up and drink 100 beers (that we don't have anyway) by tomorrow morning. 100 crocheted chains in a piece of yarn? Now, why did they give me THAT look? I know I am a dork, and that is just the way it is. I would have been thrilled to bring a crocheted chain for MY hundred day at school. Which they didn't have when I was in school so the whole thing is moot. We settled on 100 glass pebbles, like as in the stuff you put around candles or in fish bowls or glue onto bowling balls to make lawn ornaments. No, they are not exactly the same size and colour but seeing as there were no other options (and I don't normally let DD LOOK at let alone touch the glass globs) she deemed them acceptable. And never mind that I laid awake part of the night wondering how I could possibly have ONE HUNDRED glass pebbles in my possession (plus more, bags and bags more) with no wedding centrepieces in sight. Don't look at me like that, I told you I had issues. Happy Hundred Day!

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