Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Have you ever noticed?

Have you ever noticed that the speed your family moves is inversely proportionate to how late you are getting somewhere? We were late for swimming lessons last night. First time ever (really, I swear!). I was at the door, coat and boots on, frantically yelling "Let's go let's go let's go!" while DD (my darling daughter) was still sitting on the couch and DH (my d[fill in the blank depending on circumstance] husband) was JUST going into the bathroom. They kept looking at me like I was losing my mind - and rightfully so because I was - and I kept looking at them like they were in another dimenion or something. You know on a tv sitcom where a person comes back as a ghost, and they can see their family and friends and talk to them, but their family and friends can't see or hear them? That is how I felt. After we all got in the car and going (5 minutes after swimming starts mind you), DH says "I didn't know we were late". I think my brain short circuited a bit. What part of me pushing, pulling, throwing boots and coats at them, standing at the door screaming WE ARE LATE, IT IS TIME TO LEAVE, WE HAVE TO GO was too subtle for him???? All ended well. She started her lesson late but one of her classmates was sick and the other left early so she got some one-on-one time with the instructor to catch up. Of course, we sat in a steam bath (with clothes on) with wet bare feet (no shoes or socks allowed on deck) and did the "drying off and getting dressed" ritual - that takes longer than the swimming ever does, by the way - for all of 15 minutes of a swimming lesson. Hardly worth the trip? Well, yes and no. I personally think it is better to be late than to skip something altogether. I know it is irritating when people are late, it makes it seem like they don't value your time. But not showing up when you are expected, isn't that somewhat worse? And it really doesn't happen often. I just know now for next week I have to start my pushing and pulling and shoe throwing 10 minutes earlier.


OklaMoni said...

Dances, I am so glad to have wandered back over to the KT to read. Found your post telling about this blog.

It's about time, you get down to "real writing". :)

Got you bookmarked!


Jen_TX said...

YEA Dances! I'm so glad you are writing about your daily life. I've always enjoyed you at the KT and now I've got you in my Favorites!