Tuesday, February 21, 2006

I'm fricken freezing

I am not usually cold. In fact, I am the person wearing a sleeveless shirt and no socks in the middle of winter, and still look flushed and overly warm. I have a fetish for crazy socks, but really can't stand to have them on my feet. Immediately overheated. And I can't just take them off. No, I have to RIP them off and toss them across the room, as though they were evil. If you walk through my house, you will notice two things. One, I am a horrible house-keeper and we live in squallor much of the time. And two, there is a pile of abandoned socks in just about every room. Now, seeing the socks doesn't bother me because aesthetically I have that sock fetish, remember? And they were only on my feet for mere seconds so they aren't exactly dirty and thus do not raise that flag when I see them. Dh on the other hand, has his own sock issues. Clean socks directly from the laundry basket (still warm from the dryer even) are DIRTY and he doesn't like to touch, see, or be near them. He can barely stand his own socks, but the socks of other people deserve special hatred. Want to make him run like the wind? Threaten to touch him with your sock. This disparity causes marital discord. I can't stand that the counter is always dirty and wet, he can't stand seeing socks in every room. We are at the point where each secretly wonders if the other is doing this horrible thing to push buttons intentionally, or is that other person just that dense. The scarey part is, we are just that dense ROFL. I do irritating stuff like hang my coat on the back of the kitchen chair (or toss it on a living room chair), leave my knitting/crochet stuff lying around in big piles, stack dishes on my computer desk (I also collect cups ;), and leave sock inuksuks wherever I go. I like to think that these are endearing quirks. But thinking that is all part of my mental illness, and admitting it is the first step, right? One of my other quirks is that when I am hot I expect someone to DO something about it. When I am cold, I expect people to snap to and somehow correct this horrible thing happening to me. I don't know how people can stand being cold, really. My hands and feet are like ice bricks, my butt could cause hypothermia at a touch, even my nose is like an ice cube. But I am afraid to put on a sweater and/or socks. Sure, it will feel good at first. But then, I will get overheated and nauseous and stuffy and want to throw those warm items out the window so they will be far far away from me. Not just take them off, I want them AWAY FROM ME. I like to dress for the weather, so in winter I bundle up. But don't dare turn the heat on in the car or expect me to keep my coat on in a store, man that makes me hot and nasty (and not in a good way). I would rather run coatless in frigid weather into the mall than have to wear or carry my coat while I shop. I am a person of extremes. And that is endearing, right? Apparently I also constantly seek validation *snort*! Speaking of endearing, would you like to see the cutest widdle fishies ever? The big orange one is "Cedric the Murderous Fish" (about six inches long). The other is Dudley, and he is the friendliest fish I have ever met. Comes right up to look at us, begs for food, and stares the cat right in the face LOL. That odd thing hanging off the rock is a golden algae eater (although he is green at the moment, but we don't mention that in case it is rude). His name is Ozzy (yes, THAT Ozzy and was named by my daughter, who has never seen the show but knows all the music as DH has been a fan for years). That yellow crescent on the bottom edge is the top part of the gigantic yellow snail named Judas Priest (please deliver me, I am outnumbered. She also named the snail. Is it wrong that a 6 year old girl can be a Judas Priest fan like her dad?). There is also a neon tetra that decided to hide and doesn't show in this picture. There were three (Larry, Moe, and Curly) and now there is one but we don't know WHICH one. I know. We are demented. But that is endearing, right?

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