Friday, February 10, 2006

Smarter than I look. No, really!

As a professional in the IT and programming field, I like to think that I am somewhat computer literate. Not only can I break down a computer into it's various components, I can upgrade said components. I can wipe hard drives and install operating software. I can create databases that hold vast amounts of data handled by hundreds of people across several countries on a network that exists only as a figment of the internet. But I cannot create an ebay sellers account. Sure, I can BUY stuff on ebay. But creating that sellers account seems just out of my grasp. For I, ladies and gents, am stuck in a loop so sticky, so unescapeable, so tight, that even days and days of correspondance with the wonderful peeps at ebay support have not helped one single bit. I have dutifully followed each instruction (with the focus of a pug watching somebody eat popcorn - and that is FOCUSED). I have repeated the process over and over thinking that something might change and it will actually WORK this time. I have heard it said (okay, Yarn Harlot said it once and my therapist more than once but that is besides the point...good sources, okay?) that to do the same thing over and over and expect a different outcome was Freud's example of insanity. So by all rights and purposes, I am truly, certifiably, and unequivocably INSANE. I sit for what seems like hours each day, logging in, entering credit card info, clearing cookies and caches, logging out, swearing, talking in jibberish and pulling my hair, slamming desk supplies (sometimes pounding a stapler down several times in a row just feels so good. Temporary, but for that one moment so satisfying). All to end up at the same screen. "Hey, you need to create a sellers account!". I don't know whether to cry, vomit, or just give up. Other people can manage to create their accounts. People that are not computer literate at ALL. People who take snapshots on a 35 mm regular camera then ask how to get the pictures out of the film onto the hard drive (um, get them developed and then scan them in? No, I am not kidding. Now take the camera out of the mouse dock). People who misspell simple words and use poor grammar. Why, oh why, can I not create an account like all these other people? *SOB!*. Today is Friday. I will be spending my week-end cleaning this hellhole, trying to wedge in some family time, and maybe getting DD's ears pierced. And somewhere in all that I will try - AGAIN - to create a sellers account. If you don't hear back from me next week you can assume I am wandering the neighbourhood in my underwear in the snow, babbling about sellers accounts and transfering registrations and deleting cookies while hitting myself in the head repeatedly with a laptop. For your amusement until then, here is a picture of Jasmine "The Gigantic Cat". She has just stolen the chair from Ruby, who you can see sulking behind it LOL. Ruby will be snoring away in a comfy spot, and Jasmine will saunter over. The cat will STARE at her. Just stare at her. not touch her, not hurt her, just stare. Eventually Ruby will get all nervous and vacate said spot, and Jasmine will take it. I do believe Jasmine thinks our dog is her personal spot warmer. See 'ya!

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