Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Three full dinners and nothing to eat.

On Monday I made three separate dinners. None of which to actually eat on Monday, of course. Pork cubes in the slow cooker (to be made into tacos or burritos another night). Italian beef to marinate for lunch sandwiches and maybe a quick dinner over rice - another night. And braised beef steaks in tomato sauce. The meat has been stored in one container, the sauce in another for what could be TWO more meals. And do you think we have eaten any of that yet? Nope. Taco Bell Monday night because we were in a rush (yelling at other people's children takes time, you know). Yesterday, kraft dinner and hot dogs because it is swimming night and we have to rush out again. Tonight? Tonight is a kicker. I have a deadline due and haven't gotten my data yet (which is why I am HERE and not working on that). Once I get said data, I have to complete the project. I technically have until midnight to complete it, and I will go right to the wire as per usual. After all, what is a project without me tearing at my hair, renting my clothes, and screaming "don't talk to me, can't you see I have a deadline?!?!" and accusing the dog of distracting me on purpose by touching my feet. Fun stuff, ladies and gents. Now, DH and DD do not understand deadlines and the fact that the world MUST STOP when I have a deadline, and still insist on being fed and silly things like that. I say daddy should be able to come up with SOMETHING, but that never happens. The child would whither and pass before daddy will feed her. He may throw something together for himself, but she would go unfed and unhappy - sad but true. Seeing as she made the announcement that she would not touch a single thing that is ready to be heated and dished out, her option just may be cereal. I can tell this will not end well. The pressure is mounting already. The child will not be happy to eat cereal - we don't even have any FUN cereal, it's all unsweetened basic crap like Rice Krispees and cheerios - and her daddy will not be happy to forage for himself nor fix her cereal. There will be whining. There will be arguing. There will be accusations and blaming and begging. There will be rants with sentences like "how come nobody ever cares if I eat?" and "CAN'T YOU SEE I HAVE A DEADLINE?!?!?!". How do I know this? Because that is what happened on Monday and Tuesday right before I got the taco bell and made the kraft dinner/hot dogs, that's how. My wonderful husband stood next to me FOR OVER AN HOUR bothering me about dinner when I had projects to finish before we left and we had to leave soon. Made no motion toward the kitchen, and not for lack of direction, I can tell you. Did nothing to gather the things DD needed for swimming nor helped her change into her gear. We don't normally fight in front of our daughter, but there was nothing for it the last few days. I want him to start taking more responsibility, he wants me to be his mommy as well as DD's. Needless to say, our valentine's day was not so sweet. There is still a flower arrangement wrapped in tissue paper on the table, and a teddy bear in a gift bag unopened by the door. Neither one of us was in the mood to exchange niceties, so there they sit. Sad, isn't it? I'm glad I gave DD her carebear and chocolate in the morning, or that might be sitting up there untouched too. But now, I have to sign off. My email just rang in, must be the data I am waiting for. After all, I do have a deadline you know! To keep you occupied until the next entry, I thought you might like to see what I wake up to each morning: This is usually right before she gives me a good snot, right in the face. That is about as much as you can see of a pug face, when it is smushed right into yours. And once I open an eye? Tongue right up the nose.


JenTX said...

Oh man, I feel for ya! Whenever I DO cook a nice dinner, nobody is home in time to eat it when it's fresh & hot. Nope, they saunter in and then have to zap it in the micro. I've just about given up cooking. Re: Valentines Day. I got DH a box of plain Cheerios (he loves them but I think they stink) and he got me.....nothing. I sort of expected that. *sigh* But I have to laugh at the "pug eye view"! Thanks for the smile. I needed that.

Wanda said...

Woah!!! That IS a close-up! I awake each morning to severe pains in my hands. Our Coconut, who sleeps with us, bites my hands when she wakes up and is ready to start her day.

I expected the same thing for Valentine's Day that I got for Christmas and my birthday - nothing. But after DH got home from work, and went to 'check on the horses' (code words for 'go over to the cabin and drink beer before dinner') that romantic devil returned with a little glass rose under a glass cover from the corner store, where he bought the beer.