Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Very late night

I was on the phone last night with Anne (Cherryfizz from the KT) when I noticed that Ruby had swelling around both her eyes and across her nose roll. One side of her face seemed swollen. She was acting fine, wanting to play, being her pug self. I figured if it was really worrisome once DH got home I would bring her to the emergency vet. I got some ice and tried to hold it on her, thinking maybe she banged herself somewhere. All I succeeded to do was get bit all over and make her crazy - she thinks towels are for tugging and pulling and attacking. By the end of the call, the swelling was already starting to go down so I figured we would check her in the morning and if anything looked off I would call our regular vet. She was fine when we went to bed (swelling pretty much completely gone). At about 12:30am, she started acting agitated and breathing funny. Like she couldn't get comfy or catch her breath. It went from general panting to gasping and choking. So off to the emergency vet we went! She seemed so sick yet was still happy to go on a car ride and wanted to sit in my lap. She walked into the emerg. clinic under her own power, still gasping but nosy and sniffing and looking around. Even walked right onto the scale and waited (we won't divulge the result, it is not proper etiquette). The vet on duty checked her face, but really unless you know a particular pug a bit of swelling or "offness" in the facial area is hard to detect. They have these skin rolls and wrinkles, and their noses are squishy and they make funny noises. It's a real trick to know a FUNNY noise from a funny noise with these guys. She was such a good girl, even after getting shots (antihistamine, cortisone in case swelling in her mouth or throat was causing the problems). They put a catheter in one leg (in case she crumpled), sedated her, and put her in an incubator to give her oxygen. Her breathing quickly returned to normal. We kept her in there for about an hour to make sure she had good benefit of the O2, then took her out to see how she did on her own. She was pretty groggy, but wanted to come to me and get down off the table. Her breathing remained normal. Well, normal for a pug anyway. My choices were to leave her there for obs, or bring her home and come back if her condition changes. I chose to take her home. So I left with a sedated pug (which is like carrying a dead body, really) wrapped in a towel. Just so you know, sedated pugs "leak". Yes, they pee LOLOL. We knew this from when she was spayed. Hence, the towel. We cuddled up on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and were still lying like that when DD came to tell me my alarm was going off. Ruby's breathing this morning is fine, but she is still acting sedated. She just sits and stares. She does NOT like the catheter in her paw, and hates the green bandage they used. So now, just waiting and watching. Took this pic yesterday before all the fuss:


Wanda said...

Poor little Ruby-dog! It's still a mystery, I guess. Hopefully whatever it is won't return. An allergy, maybe???
Carl and Coconut send barks of encouragement to her.

DancesInGarden said...

That's what the emerg vet thinks it was, an allergic reaction to something. Maybe even a spider bite? We have an appt. at our regular vet this evening, and he will take that catheter out. She keeps holding her leg straight out and looking at me, plaintively LOL.

She is on benedryl, for now. She says thanks for the barks!