Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Who is that man?

Who is this "DH" I speak of, and why do I call him DH? When I was new to the internet and bulletin boards, I was intruduced to those lovely abbreviations. DH, DD, BIL MIL FIL, dsis, dbro, SO, and so on. I latched onto DH and DD and in fact sometimes I forget where I am and what I am doing and use them IRL (in real life - tee hee!). And I get blank stares. "Who?" lololol! Those abbreviations have become, in effect, nicknames. It's not that I have a problem with using our real names, but I prefer Dances, DD, and DH. The animals do not get internet pseudonyms because that would be weird. *cough* Moments ago I started humming the theme from mission impossible and snuck upstairs to take a picture of DH. Blog fodder, you see. I needed blog fodder. So rarely do my imaginary friends on the internet get to SEE this fabled DH. Why not post a picture then? The first picture is not suitable for family audience, however. He saw me out of the corner of his eye and tried to escape and is only half in the frame. In the half that is visible you can clearly see his zipper is down. No, not because he is a pervert but rather because many of his jeans have problem zippers. Maybe because he inists that he still wears the same size jeans as when he was a teenager? So they get lower and lower and lower and the tortion forces the zipper down over time. Not that I am suggesting anything. *cough* The second one is better, but he is talking on the phone and said something right at that moment so he had funny duck lips. The third, he is still talking (and turning around in circles to avoid me, which is clearly not working since I am circling him as well) but his lips don't look as funny so that is what we are going with. See what I have to work with here folks? All I want is a picture to post on the internet for the imaginary world to see. What is wrong with that? Of course I was laughing like a loon (while he sternly tried to ignore me) as he was talking to his mother. And of course she wanted to know what tom-foolery I was up to now. And he told her. She probably won't sleep for a week, knowing I am posting a picture of him on the internet. What is somebody sees it? What if somebody comes looking for him? What if women start calling for him. I laughed so loud and hard, that I started snorting and made Ruby all excited (mummy!). Dh wanted to know what was so funny. *cough* So here it is. Right now he is saying "How would I know what she is doing?" tee hee! He isn't nearly as mean as he looks, and don't let the "Bike Week" t-shirt fool you. He's never been on a motorcycle in his life. Okay, maybe a little dirtbike when he was a kid. Bikers come up to him all the time, and he sort of just goes along with it while I *cough*. Now that my goal of getting his picture and posting it has been met (no mean feat, he tried to get the data card from my camera. Don't worry, Ruby bit his slippers but good for even thinking about trying to take something from me) I need to run an errand. You know, something for my cough ;).


latibug said...

I so look forward to coming to your blog everyday and reading what you have come up with. I never cease to laugh at some point and have a smile to leave with.



JenTX said...

Hi Jeff! I know you're way up there in Canada but you shoulda put your black cowboy hat on for the pic! I really enjoyed meeting you both when you made the trek to HOT Texas!

Love your stories & pictures! Keep 'em coming!