Monday, February 06, 2006

Wow. So I have a blog.

Wow. I am a blogger. I have a blog. I am one who blogs. Not that most people even understand what that means. "So, you mean, you write stuff". "Yes. I write stuff". "And people can read it on the internet". "Yes, I write stuff and people can read it on the internet". "For free". "Yes, I write stuff and people can read it on the internet, for free". >>insert many minutes of silence here<< Uncomfortable silence where the moments tick by as I grin like a moron and the other person calculates the proper trajectory to fling their coffee at me so they can made a good escape. After all, posting writing on the internet must mean that I am some sort of deviant. Isn't the internet nothing but porn and chat groups where people discuss meeting to look at porn, and spammers spend their day sending links to porn in bulk email? Sure. But the internet is so much more than that. There are entire communities of people that form "groups" on the internet. Groups of crafters, knitters, woodworkers. Groups that enjoy cooking and eating and "talking" to people about cooking and eating. Sometimes these people travel and meet each other IRL (in real life), and other times the relationship is strictly electronic. Either way, these "imaginary friends" become a very real part of every day life. I have posted for a few years on several bulletin boards. Some are very strict and serious, others are more lenient and allow for regular "conversation". But the basic response from most of my fellow posters has been "You should be a writer". "Your posts are so funny". "You have such a way with words". "I look forward to your posts". So, I guess 'in a way', my imaginary friends have gotten their way. Some notes first though. 1. I tend to ramble (a blogger that rambles? How unusual - tee hee!). 2. I suffer from overuse of brackets, brackets within brackets, and variable brackets. If you get lost in my thought, don't worry. You are not alone. Just keep reading, I promise the thought comes back together at the end. And if not? Well, feel free to add your OWN brackets if you want to make it clearer. 3. I am neurotic and obsessive about things that other people don't even notice. I have strict rules about eating, for example. If you want me to screech, cover my face, and generally freak out bring food or drink into the bathroom. Anything too small (Polly Pocket shoes) or too large (standard poodles) weirds me out. There is more, much much more. 4. I do odd things like garden organically, crochet, knit (most recent), and make things from scratch when it would be quicker, easier, and cheaper to buy them ready made. I am dorky enough to think doing this is fun. 5. In my little world, people always do what is right and kind and moral and ethical all the time. Needless to say, I am disappointed a LOT. 6. I am, well, shall we say - dramatic. Some would say overly so. And that is fine, I am not every single person's cup of tea, nor do I expect to be. If I wasn't so dramatic then this wouldn't be very fun to read, would it? 7. My child, my husband, my pets, my insane crafts, these things are my LIFE. Even when I complain about them. Even when I act like I don't like them. Without them, I would be nothing. Well, that is about it, for now. 'Till next time! Dances.


Wanda said...

Well, Dances, I hurried right over here and read your first entry. I'm saving your blog to favorites and will be checking back daily. I am a blogaholic and have over 100 blogs that I read daily. Yes, really.

Leslie said...

I'll be saving this to "my favorites" too. You do have a way with words.

Goldilox said...

Dances. great blog! My husband is an IT manager and wants ME to show him how to create a BLOG!. Now, he had NO problem creating an EBAY account! LOL!!!