Monday, March 06, 2006

The birthing chair

When I was pregnant with DD, I went for a tour of the hospital where she would be born. It was a "pre-admittance". There were some tests, and they showed me where the labour and delivery rooms were, that sort of thing. I asked about some of the things I read, things that were to make the birth easier etc. Such as a birthing chair. The nurse SNORTED then laughed at me. "Oh, we don't have anything like that". Oh. Well, I heard that sometimes taking a shower during labour made things progress......I see. No shower huh? I suppose no birthing tub either. Gotcha. I had no idea at the time that I was going to INSIST on an epidural, you see lololol. "Well, we'll have to wake him up and everything". And your point is? SKEDADDLE! Anyway, it turns out, six years after the birth I would finally get a birthing chair. In my own family room. You see, we have two small recliners in front of our tv. They are tiny really, and the backs fold down to make ottomans (although we never fold them down). The perfect size for our multi-purpose room. I wanted them to be able to put my feet up (I have leg problems). And I love them, however I wish they had more padding in the seat area. Which is odd, because you would think I had enough padding in MY seat area. And yet, while my posterier is WIDE it is, alas, flat. Genetics are a bitch. But I digress. Ruby is a lap dog of all lap dogs. She is with me contstantly, usually either on me or with one part of her body on a part of my body. Such as resting her chin on my foot as I work. But her favourite is sleeping on my lap, bar none. To the extent that if I sit in that reclining chair, I am obligated to push it back and cross my legs so she can jump up. After a bit I stretch my legs onto the foot rest, and she stretches along with a deep deep sigh. She loves that chair! If my muscles start to cramp and I move my legs, she will balance along the parts of the chair. Anything that is not supported? Let it dangle! This, for the most part, is comfortable for both of us (as long as she doesn't touch the bottoms of my feet). My only complaint is if I have to get up, she won't move unless I really annoy her (say, touch her tail for example. Or threaten to kiss her). This can get tedious until we are settled. Dh on the other hand, says that he hates when she stretches out like this, because it looks like I am giving birth to a pug. Here you can see her pink belly and how her hair parts near her front legs LOL. A dog with armpits, whoodathunkit? And those paws, that are irresistable, but we aren't allowed to touch (bit to death, and I am not kidding). Sitting like this, I managed to finish another few inches on the second sleeve for DD's sweater. Two more inches to go, then on with the yoke. Now, there's a blog title if I've ever heard one ROFLMAO!

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Wanda said...

ROFL! Dances, you are such a good dog mommy.
Our big guy, Carl, has to get in the recliner with me every evening. He rests with his head on the armrest, under my arm, and his body stretched out the length of the recliner. He'll only stay maybe 15-30 minutes though.
Coconut, doesn't like him sitting with 'Mom', so she dives into my lap at the first inkling that he is wanting up there. She has to be held to one side, until he crawls up and gets settled.