Thursday, March 30, 2006

Finally, perhaps spring is here!

The weather is finally turning. Yesterday it was mild and the sun was shining. After school DD wanted to play on her swing set. She doesn't like being in the yard alone. So I grabbed a book and a lawn chair and enjoyed the weather with her. Of course, Ruby was overjoyed to have visitors in "her yard" and got all excited when she saw the lawn chair. For lawn chairs mean sitting and sitting means laps, and she likes nothing more than to be in "her yard" on a nice day in a soft lap. My child spent more time climbing on the swing set like a monkey than actually swinging, which is another clue that maybe she is already outgrowing it. Which ticks me off, since we basically just got it. I counted on far more years of use, after the trouble we went into to get it and put it together. I still have nightmares about fitting the canopy on the chair swing part. But I guess this is what happens when children grow, something I sternly remind DD not to do. There are many signs that she is igoring this directive, however. Shirts that don't quite meet the waist band of her pants. Pant cuffs that hover above her ankles. Knee socks that fit like sport socks, sport socks that fit like anklets, and anklets that barely cover her toes. We won't even talk about shirt sleeves that barely touch elbows, let alone wrist bones. It's not like we never buy her clothes, either. We buy them big hoping to get a few wearings out of them before they no longer fit. Yet it seems that all too soon, they go from being too big or too long to being too tight and too short. And let us just say that I have seen more than my share of little-girl buttcrack. She tends to grow out of the MIDDLE of the clothes first, then gradually the length. Most of her clothes are loose at the sides, so she isn't growing out of them sideways YET. Doesn't mean she can wear them though, I am not the kind of parent that advocates midrif baring tops and low rise jeans on a six year old. I wish I could find more leggings for her. Leggings are the miracle article when it comes to childrens clothing. They never seem to grow out of leggings. The seams fall apart far before they become too short or too tight. How is that? What kind of magic is this? What kind of legging physics makes it so they can wear them through three grades and countless growth spurts? But alas leggings - for now - have fallen out of fashion and are hard to find on the racks meant for children. Right now they have all the lovely colourful completely impractical spring clothing out for girls. The cotton skirts and tops that wrinkle so badly after the first wearing that no amount of steam will make them flat again. The light coloured pants that are dirty at the knees before the child leaves the house for school. The short sets that come with their own little purse and headband and are quite lovely, but so badly made that they are already covered in loose threads. One washing, and they fall apart like so much spring gossamer. And what is it with the socks that have TOES in them? Individual little tubes for toes. Sure they look cute, but are there children out there that will WEAR them? My daughter has such sensitive feet that she freaks out if the toe seam is slightly crooked. She has stopped, dropped, and rolled in the mall when her sock bunched under her toes. "FIX IT! FIX IT!" she screamed. DH, another sensitive foot person, knew exactly what the problem was and took charge. "Stand back! Her sock is twisted!", then removed her shoe and performed delicate sock surgery right there in the food court. I have no idea where she learned to be so dramatic. *cough* I am a crocheter, and now a knitter as well. DD has no defecit of wraps, shrugs, and ponchos. Perhaps, if I am lucky, before she graduates from college she may even have a purple sweater. Ahem. Every time we are near yarn, she brings me her choice for something to make for her. And I oblige, I am glad she likes my creations. When she gets compliments, she beams and says "My mommy made it for me". Warm fuzzies all around LOL. Yet still, she is drawn to those machine created webs sold this time of year in the girls section, loosely referred to as pashminas or ponchos. They are child size, impossible to keep in shape, and cost over $25.00. "I can make one just like it for you". No, she wants a STORE BOUGHT one. Which leads to fights, and leaving the store empty handed and angry with each other. Now, truth be told, sometimes I can't even buy the fiber for one for that price. Novelty yarns are not cheap and come in tiny 50 gram skeins. That is like 100-200 meters, which is really not very much so you need a heck of a lot of balls of it. But the workmanship, the care, the love that I put into each item just can't compare to that machine knotted thing. Or at least I like to think so. Another thing we can't keep her in is shoes. She has never worn out a pair of shoes before growing out of them. Some pairs were so pristine it was a wonder that they were worn at all. Maybe girls just aren't hard on their shoes? We finally relented and let her pick out a pair of velcro shoes. I have a thing against velcro shoes. I feel it keeps kids from learning how to tie their shoes, which somehow in my mind is an invaluable skill (along with learning to tell time on a real clock with a face and how to make hospital corners when making the bed). Since DD was doing very well in that respect and had INDOOR shoes at school with laces, they wore me down and she got her first pair of velcro closure shoes. The velcro wore out long before she outgrew them. Those shoes cost more than what I pay for my own, and the velcro wore out BEFORE SHE OUTGREW THEM. Sorry. It is still very painful for me, a cheapo at heart that weighs every dollar and tries to get as much as value as I can for each one. Yes, I wrote to the manufacturer and they basically insinuated that I was completely insane for even caring. "Dude, they're kid shoes, get a life". All of these things came to mind, as I sat on that lawn chair with Ruby on my lap, in between conversing with DD ("Yes, mama is watching. Yes I see you hanging there. Yes I see you climbing") and reading my book (Yarn Harlot, The Secret Life of a Knitter). And laughing my arse off intermittently. This is a lady after my own heart. She is hilarious, to be sure. And it doesn't hurt that she is a Canadian ;). If I can find her next two books, I will buy them. No saving them as a special reward, no waiting to list them as a gift idea for a birthday or holiday. If I see them, they are mine. Once again, who needs shoes? Oh, DD does. Well, there goes the mango money. ** still no pics today. My rechargeable batteries have decided they no longer want to live and refuse to recharge. I'll have to *sob* buy new ones. Never mind mango money, there goes the fancy yogurt budget.


sweet said...

I start my day coming here and reading your blog. You have made me giggle so many times, and I thank you for that. In fact, reading yours gave me the courage to start my own blog. Not nearly "Dances" quality, buy hey, keeps me busy and out of the bars!!
stop by sometime and let me know what you think. Again Thanks!...your blogs are simply then BEST!

DancesInGarden said...

That is so....sweet LOL! Thank you for the compliments, and I will surely check out your blog!