Wednesday, March 08, 2006

I can be so cruel

We are going on vacation. Leaving Friday, in fact. Part of the vacation we are on our own in a hotel, then meeting up with family (my parents, my sister and her children). My sister has been packed since she decided to go. Every night she calls and asks "Are you packed yet?" and I answer no. Which makes her scream. She can't sleep because we are not packed yet LOLOL. I am just mean enough to put off packing even later just because I know it drives her nuts. Aren't sisters wonderful? *evil grin* DD's summer clothes are ready, and DH packs for himself. How long can it take to throw a few outfits into a suitcase and make sure we all have eight days worth of underwear? I am a zen traveller. If I forget something, we can buy it where we are going. Sure, I've arrived places and realized I didn't bring any socks or forgot my nightgown. But surely these are not vacation-ruining omissions. When you have a bad back and trouble carrying heavy luggage, you learn to pack the essentials only. I make sure I have an outfit per day, and add a pair of pants or shirt or two just in case. Doing a load of laundry in an emergency is fine with me (although we try to pack enough so that it isn't a necessity). And I always buy brand new socks, underwear, and nightclothes before a vacation. Why is that? There is nothing wrong with the ones I have. Maybe I figure that way customs agents aren't handling my old used things? I don't know. There are a few bits of wisdom I have picked up from vacations and travelling for work: 1. Wear socks. You will have to take your shoes off at airport security checkpoints, and who wants to walk through the x-ray barefoot? If you want to keep them on, you will be stopped and hand searched and they make you take them off anyway, even if they are sandals. So now you are standing on that little rug with shoeprint outlines on it barefoot. 1a) Wear shoes that are easy to take off and put back on while balancing on one foot and being jostled by huffy travellers putting their own shoes on and balancing on one foot. 2. Don't forget to empty your pockets COMPLETELY. That means keys, change, ponytail holders, hair clips, and linty foil covered mints. 3. If you are wearing a jacket or belt, remove them and place them on the conveyor. 4. All jewelry must be taken off and put through the conveyor in a little tray. Rings, watches, everything. If you forget something and it makes the machine beep, you will have to be hand searched and trust me, having a stranger feel under your breast is way worse than having to take off your stuff and put it in a tray. 5. Know that you have to do all that, and be ready. Don't wait until you get to the front of the security line then start to undress. DH and I have "been through the drill". As soon as we are out of the "maze" and had our ID and boarding passes checked, we start to strip LOLOL. By the time we get to the table area, we just have to grab a bin and drop our stuff into it. Getting redressed on the other side is a different story. Not so great at balancing, either one of us. I am soooooo ready for this vacation. The first few days are going to be very very busy, but the second half of the jaunt? I plan on doing nothing more stressful than sitting by the pool and deciding which virgin tropical drink I want to try next. My husband and child have already been warned that breakfast will consist of either cold cereal or going out because mama don't do breakfast on vacation. Lunch? I might be able to rustle up some cheese and crackers, but if they want something fancy (read heated) they are on their own. Dinner? Well, I can cook dinner a couple of times but with Golden Corral, Sonny's BBQ, Popeye's chicken, and other chains we can't find here, why do it? I have to eat a years worth of biscuits in eight days and I can't do that if I cook dinner every night, can I? We are going to Florida, and yes, doing the Disney thing. Got park hoppers this year, sort of trying it out to see if it makes sense for us. A lot of money for a test, mind you. But last time, we sort of ran out of time in certain places and would have liked to go back another day to finish. So this time, we are going at the beginning of the trip instead of the end, and will use the park hoppers. I am sort of having a dilemna in light of all of this. I have bad feet. I get blisters if you look at them. Socks, no socks, new shoes, broken in shoes, expensive custom fits or dollar store tennies. At first I don't notice (why are my socks sticky? Ewwww) then it starts to hurt every time I put pressure on my feet. Theme parks murder me. This time, I am trying a few things. I bought special short socks that are supposed to keep your feet cool and dry as well as prevent blisters. I have some new earth-shoe sandals to try, hoping they will take some pressure off my toes and heel. And I have boxes of special cushioned bandages to put over the blisters as they form. And I'll be bringing epsom salts so I can soak my feet each night. I can only hope I will come out of three days of theme parks with feet that don't look like hamburger. My only other concern is sunburn. My face and shoulders tend to burn even with 45 sunscreen, and the last time I spent $40.00 USD finding a brand that did not give me hives. I also need a new sun hat. I cannot abide sun on my head, but sunhats seem to get so droopy after a few wearings. DH's head burns too and he refuses to wear a hat(he won't let me goop sunscreen into his hair ROFL). DD usually does pretty good with water proof kids sunscreen and seems to tan even if we keep her covered head to toe. My brother likes to tease her, since I am so pale. "Are you sure that is your mother?". I am bringing my tub of pure aloe vera gel just in case. So, two more entries and then I am gone for eight straight days. I don't know if I will have a computer available, not sure if I can test the "remote blog" features of this site. If I can blog, I will. I blog therefore I am, after all ;). Ruby is going to visit some doggy friends, and somebody staying to care for the rest of the menagerie. The paper has been donated to a literacy program, and our fridge is basically empty LOLOL. I think we are about ready to go. Except for packing, of course - tee hee! If you read at the KT, you know why DD is at home today. If you don't, well, then you'll never know. Bwa-ha-ha-haaaa! She is missing four front teeth, makes her look kind of diabolical LOL. And yes, that is a gameboy. Don't judge me man, I had to get some work done!


julie said...

actually, i've heard that gameboys have been prescribed by doctors to help children with lazy eye develop that eye as well as better eye-hand coordination. so you're not really letting her goof off, you're helping her develop coordination and reflexes! *wink wink*

do you have a walmart near you? last year they had sun hats with a wire hoop in the brim. they're the same principle as those car sunshades that you loop over to fold up in a small round bag, so the hat could be folded up into your purse when you don't need it. then you could make everybody jump by popping it at them when you take it out of the bag. heh.

have fun on your vacation! :)

Annie said...

I lurk over at the KT and love to read anything you write. You are witty and wise!

Just a quick note to tell you that we (my family and I) did the Disney thing last year at this time (we left Alberta on St. Pat's Day). The park hopper was the way to go. We used it a couple of time and it was such a time saver (rather that drive from park to park). We stayed in a house rental that was about 15 minutes from the park gates. My warning to you ...TRAFFIC WAS HORRENDOUS. It always took us almost an hour (or longer) to get to the gates.
The construction was on going and everywhere. Don't for a moment think that you'll get anywhere quickly. In fact, traffic was so bad that we didn't end up going to Cape Canavral...which I was sadly disappointed not getting to see.
I hope you have a wonderful time and enjoy your getaway! Looking forward to reading about your trip when you get back.

Annie (Jellybean from KT)

DancesInGarden said...

Julie - that sunhat woule be hilarious, if I didn't think I would be too nervous to pop it open myself. Our toaster makes me jump a mile when it pops lol!

Annie - while we are renting a car, we have always found it easier to use Disney trasnportation. Which if I remember correctly is free as long as you can make your way to a Disney resort. Many hotels have shuttles to get you to either a resort or a Disney port as well (usually free, sometimes there is a charge). I can't say it saves time, but then the ride becomes part of the vacation (well, for us nerds anyway LOL). I find the drivers are so nice and really cater to DD, which makes it worthwhile to us.

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