Thursday, March 02, 2006

Ice age

It rained ice pellets today. We got freezing rain sometime in the night. Not enough to encrust the trees etc. but enough to laminate the patio in the thinnest coating possible. So thin that it wasn't even visible at first. Poor Ruby bounced out the door and did a bambi-slide, all four legs splayed out flat. She spun right in a circle, then looked at me like "Ruh?" lolol. She managed to get up and continue her morning business, but walked reeeeallly sloooowly on the way back to the door. DH said "I wonder when the ice pellets will start?" and on cue, they started. Perfect, clear little ice chips. I was expecting those little frozen white balls that look like itty-bitty snowballs (or actually more like styrofoam bits). It sounded like hail without the rain part. Then it snowed for a bit. I sat and waited for frogs to fall from the sky, but as of yet no dice. Yes, I sent my husband and child out in this, yet haven't gone outside myself. Since I can't feel my feet or most of my legs, walking when it is slippery is not a good thing. Even if I don't fall, I get so stiff afterwards and my legs just crawl with spasms. The thought of those creepy-crawly spasms makes me want to scream and claw my eyes out. So I decided that DH could get DD off to school by himself. He wasn't impressed to go out in the cold, but I do this regardless of the weather for most of the year. It was his turn. Although I was happy to have a scapegoat (schoolgoat?) this morning, I can't wait for DH to go back on day shift. He watches tv literally all day and constantly comments on it and tries to engage me in conversation about what he is seeing. I finally gave up trying to work this morning, and if he interrupts me one more time while I try to write this I might just have to hurt him. When I have time to talk and want to talk, it is like pulling teeth to get single syllable answers out of him. How was work? "Fine". Lunch okay? "Yeah". And so on. But if I am trying to sleep, trying to work, or generally busy and can't talk, all of a sudden he wants to chat. Since we got a pvr unit where you can pause and rewind tv, he has driven me crazy. "Did you see that?" and he will remind a commercial and make me watch it. JUST TELL ME WHAT HAPPENED I DO NOT WANT TO SEE IT! To me the tv is just background noise that I tune out while working. I don't pay attention. If something catches my interest I might look, but I can guarantee that as soon as I face the computer again my brain has already ditched whatever I saw. Don't quiz me on it. "You have to hear this" he exclaims as he rewinds the Regis and Kelly show, so I can see/hear what Kelly has to say. I don't want to be mean and I am sure she is a wonderful person. But Kelly Rippa has never uttered anything so important I have to hear it right away in her life...I am pretty sure this is no exception. Sure, it may be amusing (he loves how they tease each other and gets such a kick out of it) but I am busy doing something else and these constant interruptions of my train of thought are cheesing me off. I will be seven levels deep in a line of code, and he will ask me what a character said on a show he is watching. How the frick should I know??? I finally re-find my place and start to continue, and he interrupts again to share his personal interpretation of something that happened on Lost (which has been pvr'd and he watches during the day, and drives me crazy with questions and comments. JUST WATCH THE DAMN SHOW). He will come up with this crazy idea based on something that means nothing, and totally miss a big theme. While that is amusing in itself, I don't want to hear the play by play of a show I watched last night. I try to be polite, but by the end of the two week stint I am ready to scream SHUT THE HELL UP and cut the plug off the damn tv. See what the interruptions do to me? They make me use bad language. And I shouldn't use bad language because it doesn't sound right coming from me. I don't use the "f" word because people laugh when they hear me say it. I guess somebody who still uses the word "neat" as in "Wow, that was neat" is just not meant to say really really bad words. "Arse" sounds okay, it's common cousin "ass" just does not. I have tried explaining, and asking, and reminding nicely. But to no avail. Once, when I had a DEADLINE, there were so many interruptions I was ready to take my laptop and rent a room at a hotel to get some peace and quiet. I finally finished an extremely long and complicated piece of code that performed several math calculations. I hate math calculations. I hate writing code that makes math calculations. Between the writing, the testing, and the stopping to hear/see what cute things Kelly Rippa said, I was ready to have a nervous breakdown. I compiled it, and tried to run it. DID NOT WORK. AARGH! Go back and step through (which means running it piece by piece until I see an error, having to do the math calculations long hand at the same time to check them). Did I mention I hate math calculations? Anyway, the code stopped right at a very involved and complicated case scenario. I know this means nothing to you, but just amuse me and click your tongue and say "ooh, case scenarios, those are hard" if you know what is good for you. And somewhere down near the bottom, nested in an if statement, it was. Somehow, in some way, I managed to transcribe what dh said to me into the code. Right there, in the middle of the statement, was a piece of a sentence that my subconscious heard - from the ear to the fingertips apparently. And I remember that specific interruption when I gruffly said "You know, I am not really listening and this is very complicated and I can't be interrupted right now, so please, leave me alone. I HAVE A DEADLINE". When I found those fateful words "the Others" in the middle of that if statement I had a meltdown. Today is going to be another one of those days. Feelings will be hurt. Deadlines will be missed. But he is back on days next week and I am looking forward to the blissful tv-less silence during the day. I love my family I love my family I love my family. Just make them be quiet ;). No pictures today, but I promise TWO tomorrow. My camera batteries are charging.

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