Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Swimming lessons suck

DD had her last swimming lesson for this section last night. She did not "pass". There are three things that she cannot yet do....back crawl, front crawl, and back float kick. Now, the back float kick she CAN do and does well, but for some reason when she has to do it at swimming lessons she kind of floats there like a dead crab. She back float kicked all over Florida, but last night she did the dead crab float. The front crawl? She doesn't want to keep her face in the water. She can do the arm circles and the kicks, but she doesn't want to keep her head down. She has been this way since she was a baby. Always wants to see what is going on, doesn't want to miss a thing. She would hold off falling asleep as long as she possibly could, just so she didn't miss one tiny event. Her back crawl is okay, but when she does her arm circles she splashes her face and it startles her and she stops and turns around. Then she can't figure out how to get started again. I think she is also afraid to bump her head at the other side of the pool, so keeps stopping and turning to see where she is. So we were faced with a dilemna. Do we put her in the same section again, and hope that the instructor is a little better (this is the first of five that we haven't really liked), the kids in her unit a little older and less distracting (one spends his entire 30 minutes trying to escape to jump into the deep end), that one more try might do it? Or do we say that the goal of making sure she doesn't drown if she falls in has been met and call it a day with the lessons? She CAN swim. She can keep her head above water, jump in from the side and come up and swim across to exit, and so on. But she has no technique swims, just mostly frantic dog paddle. We went to a water park and she had no problem being spit out the bottom of water slides, even into water deeper than she could stand in. She wants to continue lessons, she really wants to "finish the book". But I don't want to spend another hundred bucks on ten more weeks and have her still stopping and turning around, and bobbing like a cork twiddling her thumbs while the instructor chases another kid across the deep end. So, the next option? Private one on one lessons. Same place, same times, but she is the only student. They can work on exactly what she needs, and there are fewer distractions. More expensive, but who needs new shoes when there are private swimming lessons to be had ;)? I chased down Jasmine to get this picture. She really didn't WANT her picture taken. But we don't always get what we want, do we?

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