Friday, March 10, 2006

Trying out the remote

This is a test of the remote blogging system.  Do not panic, this is only a test!
I don't know if I'll be able to blog while I am gone, we are gonna be busy busy busy.  But there is always that downtime at night when you are winding down from the days adventures but not ready for bed yet, so who knows.
Ruby is finally off to my sister's house where she will spend the week sleeping in a kingsize bed with Tia (black poodle, her picture is here somewhere), Taffy (apricot poodle belonging to my parents), and Lutz (himalayan cat that just loves Ruby...maybe it's because they have the same nose?).  She won't be lonely for sure.  She didn't bark at my BIL at all when I dropped her off, so that is a good sign.  Although it never stopped her from trying to sleep on his head in past visits ;).
Everything is set up and ready for the pet/house sitter.  I even pre-measured the fish food, how anal is that?  But as we all know the fish are as spoiled as anything else in the house and have a varied diet complete with treats.  It is a sickness, I know.  I keep muttering to myself "Don't forget to water the plants....don't forget to water the plants".  We have two large arrangements that have peace lillies in them.  In case you have never had peace lillies, they are quite dramatic.  Although it's best not to do this, if they really really need water they droop completely.  I am talking leaves standing poker straight upright one moment, to completely drooped over the next.  A good watering and a few hours later?  Good as new.  I am a bad plant mommy and tend to use the peace lillies as a watering gauge for the rest of the plants in the container.  I don't want the pet sitter to come in one day and think one of the cats has been nesting in our plant.  Or worse, think it is dead and throw it out lol.  So I will give them a GOOD watering right before we leave, and they should be set for the week.
DD had her tearful good-bye with Ruby this morning, and even DH made me bring her over for a scritch and a hug before she left.  DD also had a tearful good-bye with one of the cats (it was Jasmine.  Xena doesn't go anywhere near the child), which will be repeated this evening right before we leave.  It is so sad, to say goodbye to our pets before we go on vacation.  But there is no guilt, as I know they are all being properly cared for.  And yes, I have been known to bring them back souvineers.  Because, as I have already stated, IT IS A SICKNESS.
So this evening, as you are sitting down for dinner, we will be in the airport waiting to board our plane.  We will be eating dinner there, because we are nerds and the airport is PART of the vacation, and not a means to getting to it.  Want to thrill a six year old?  Eat McDonalds in the gate area of an airport waiting to board a plane destined for Florida - ROFL!
No pics, no time to take or upload any.  I have to finish packing my gigantic underwear ;).  See ya when we come back!

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