Thursday, April 06, 2006

For the love of gawd, it is DONE!

Well, after how many weeks of unending knit stitch in the round, DD's sweater is finally DONE! My first sweater. My first "colourwork" (okay, the first time using more than one colour at once. But "colour work" sounds so much more complicated). I finished sewing down the neck band last night, and I have to say that I think it was a good decision to crop an inch and a half off that neckband. K1P1 ribbing is mind numbingly boring, but you still have to pay attention (at least if you are like me, and have trouble counting to ONE). I was supposed to do 2 1/2 blessed inches of it. After a tad more than an inch, I realized if I continued on any longer I was going to have a stroke. Reviewing the picture of the sweater on the pattern, I decided that a smaller band would be better for DD anyhow, as she doesn't like anything too bulky near her neck. That and I was considering sticking a DPN in my eye so I didn't have to knit anymore K1P1 ribbing. I knew sweaters were a labour of love, but I would never never never have believed that they take so long to make. After all, instant gratification takes too long, right? A person like me has no business knitting something that takes this kind of comittment. I can't even wait for paint to dry between coats, making this sweater could have killed me. Plus, staring at all that easter-candy-purple yarn was starting to make my eyes itch. Kind of like being snow blind - only in pastel. It hasn't been blocked yet, and DD hasn't tried it on yet either. I am crossing my fingers that all goes well LOL. I don't care if it's big, being too tight somewhere is my bigger worry. This is a closer picture of the colour detail. Thank goodness for that! If I would have had to continue for those inches with just more knit stitch in the round, we would have had to add on a padded room. The biggest surprise for me, is finding out that I actually LIKED following the chart to make the design. Perhaps I should still be tested for ADD and memory disfuction (why can I not remember a five stitch sequence of two colours? WHY? I can still remember my student number from university and the formula for potassium permangonate from grade 9 science. I had to stop and stare at the chart after every sequence and do a LOT of counting). Next up? I want to make myself a wrap/wide scarf thingy. Yep, knitted lace. If I am going to learn how to YO and K3togTBL (that is Yarn Over and Knit Three Together Through Back Loops) then it might as well be now, right? Most times I am overheated, but sometimes I get chilled. Like if I am tired or sick or if it's late at night. Something soft to wrap around my arms or drape over my legs would not be amiss. Something warm enough but light as air. Knitted lace fits that bill! I already have the yarn, Red Heart Symphony. The colourway is a dark twisted center with a light blue gray fuzzy halo. DD picked it. Remniscent of old blue jeans, a very casual comfy colour. Wish me luck, I am going to need it! Also, I have never cabled before so I am making my dsis a cabled cellphone pouch for her birthday. She only just got the phone, so she doesn't know she NEEDS a cabled cellphone pouch yet, but I am sure she can be brought around ;). Her fave colour is black, but I am not sure if that will show stitch definition enough. Maybe I can convince her that easter-candy-purple is the new black?


The Cookbook Junkie said...

Dances, that is beautiful! I'm so jealous.I would love to knit but I don't have the attention span to learn. Someday.


DancesInGarden said...

Paula, just so you know. If you needed an attention span to learn to knit, I never could have done it. There are literally TWO stitches in knitting. Knit, and purl which is sort of the reverse only not ROFL. All that beautiful work out there is the result of those two lonely little stitches! If you can tie your shoes or make instant coffee, you can knit. Now. Finding a pattern that doesn't make me want to shove a circular up my nose for a home made lobotomy is the harder part ;).

sweet said...

Oh, so pretty!!! Pretty, pretty, pretty!! I am a crocheter, but do have problem with that. Mom taught me when I was little, but she is LEFT handed, I am right handed, so everything I do has this little "slant: to it!!
I bet your DD will LOVE it.... but.. if not, can we stretch it (ok, REALLY STRETCH IT) and mail it to Minnesota??

sweet/Ruth (who thinks she looks great in Easter Purple!)

latibug said...

How fun! That sweater is beautiful. If your DD does not like it or it doesn't fit, LMK because I would be happy to purchase it from you.

Can you post a pic of the cellphone pouch you are making your sister. Sounds interesting.

Anonymous said...

Dances, You make me want to get into the yarn stash and get those needles going. Your daughter is so lucky to have a Mom like you doing what you do.
One suggestion, could you put your projects on a light background for picture taking. Your work would show up better.
Your posts make my day. Thank you.

itwasonlyadollar said...

Great job Dances! I love the color too. Hope it fits. I meant to tell you yesterday that I loved the picture of Jeff and DD. I could see the eye twinkles, but they both looked like they were up to no good!

DancesInGarden said...

Thanks for the compliments!

DD tried on the sweater (pics tomorrow) and wore it from then until bedtime, even though she was too warm. I think she likes it! DH was flabbergasted, he was so impressed with it. He kept touching it and saying "You MADE this". Tee hee! So sorry Sweet and Latibug, seems she will be keeping it.

Night all!