Tuesday, April 25, 2006

I love Remark

There is a gourmet grocery store in our city called Remark Farms. I don't BUY a lot there, but I love to go there and look at everything. I never leave empty handed, but it's not like my whole grocery budget goes there (it wouldn't go far if it did, the stuff is lovely and priced to suit). After my therapy appointment each week I treat myself to a trip to Remark. Today was no exception, although DH went to the therapy appointment so I went after we came back, rather than on the way back. He is not a fan of looking at fruits and veggies and pretty jars of various things. Today I bought some celery sticks (I know I know, cheaper and easy enough to cut my own but for some reason they taste better when somebody else does the washing and cutting). And some pork tenderloin "tails" - that thinner part that overcooks? They cut it off and offer them for sale separate. I cut and pound them into cutlets. And a small fruit tray with dip because DD likes that. Let's see......I think that was it. Oh wait! A package of five cheese tortellini and a cabbage wedge. So dinner tonight is pork cutlets and steamed cabbage for me, pork cutlets and cheese tortellini for DD. DH is working tonight so who knows what he is eating ROFL. I'm only responsible for feeding him when he works day shift. Since it was basically lunch time, the place was crowded. They offer three hot soups, chili, a salad bar, prepared sandwiches and some hot bread items (panzerotti, pizza bread, onion bread, that sort of thing) so a lot of office workers go there to pick up lunch. It was too much effort to elbow my way to the cheese counter to look at the offerings there. Then again, maybe it was too soon to see cheese since this is where I got caught being stupid about cream cheese not long ago. Perhaps the karma gods sent those office workers to save me from myself this time - or at the very least to keep me away from the dairy products. The shop is across the street from a Wendy's, and I got a craving for taco salad. A quick call home, a drive-thru, and I was on my way home with burgers and fries (for DH), and the salad. Did you know that the taco salad from Wendy's needs to be ASSEMBLED? It came in parts, it really did. You get the bowl of lettuce/tomatoes/cheese, a packet of dressing, a container of sour cream, a packet of seasoned tortilla strips, and a container of chili. What is the world coming to when a taco salad has more parts to put together than a bicycle? What does it say about me that I put the salad together and had leftover parts? (I didn't use the dressing and saved half the chili to eat later). Besides that I won't be putting together any recreational equipment any time soon, that is. It has gotten colder again so the house is all closed up. When I got home, boy could I smell the lillies! I got two easter lillies this year. And I love them, they look so cheerful with their open blooms. But the smell! It gets quite intense - especially at night. It's overcast so they must have thought it was bedtime, 'cause they were stinking overtime. Xena, our warrier princess cat, likes to bother the lillies. She grabs leaves and tugs the plant. We make her stop, but the tell-tale smudges of yellow pollen on her forehead tattle on her. I tried to get a picture but she won't sit still. All I get is a black blur with a yellow smudge. So I took a picture of a lily instead.

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Audrey (Indy_anna at the KT) said...

Dances, I love your blog.

You can pull the yellow things off lillies if you don't like cleaning up the pollen. Grab a tissue in one hand, with the other pull the pistal (the only thing without a yellow head) to the side. With the tissue, grab all the yellow heads and give a little tug.

Ta da! A non-messy lilly, and a non-messy Dances.