Monday, April 24, 2006

Mah neck huhts

Okay, first off, I have to shout out to Latibug....yes, I see that you tagged me LOL. I startled DH with a little shriek or terror last night. He came running over (clasping his chest since I gave him a heart attack) saying "WHAT'S WRONG?". "I've been blog tagged". He stared at me for a real long time before returning to his seat. That guy is just odd, I tell you. Tee hee! I am not quite ready with the list of "weird facts" about myself, and in an unprecedented move in blog tag history - I am asking permission of a blogger before announcing she has been tagged. My life is an open book, and while most blogs are cathartic and part of public domain, I want to make sure she is ready for a slew of readers following links to her innermost thoughts. I should probably save this for the list of wierd facts, but I'll slip it now. I do accents. For no apparent reason I will speak in any of a thousand accents. You never know if it will be southern drawl, one of my various "English" accents, another that can only be described as 'vaguely european', or something else entirely. Even better if I can do a movie/TV quote while doing the accent. Somehow I think that gives me more points. I get even more points if the people around me figure out that I am doing a movie/tv quote in an accent. This morning, while making my coffee I drawled out "Mah neck huhts". DH gave me an alarmed but still blank stare. "What was that?". I cleared my throat and said it again "Mah NAYEK huhts". He turned off the vent fan and nudged the dog with his foot (to stop her snoring for a moment LOL). "What?!?!". I huffed out a breath and said "My neck hurts. What's the matter, you don't know a good southern accent when you hear it???". Then I flipped my hair (with a little 'ow' because my neck DOES hurt) and walked away in a snit. I heard him just barely whisper "well it wasn't THAT good" on my way past. He thinks he is SO funny. My lovely daughter has inherited this from me, although she tends to emulate actual accented quotes from movies for no apparent reason. She will throw out an "I want it NOW daddy" in her best Varuca Salt, umprompted. Say the words "Peter Pan" and she will repeat it in a darling accent, copied from the little girl in the movie of that name. When she is feeling playful, we get a bangladeshi "Thank you, come again" ala Apu from the Simpsons. To my chagrin (you wouldn't have wanted to be here the day DH and I fought over this) she also spouts snippets from the Austin Powers movies. I think she should never have seen them, DH felt she was too young to understand so what was the problem. Oh, maybe "Mommy, want to see what Mini Me does when he gets mad?" as she shoots the finger at me? That is a P-R-O-B-L-E-M. Dh is not appreciative of our accent play. When I watch Coronation street or some such BBC broadcast, he says he can't understand a single word. He had to view "Shawn of the Dead" four times before he realized they were actually speaking real words and not just making odd noises with their mouths. He also hates any movie that uses subtitles for extended lengths of time. We won't be watching "Passion of the Christ" anytime soon, not with all the aramaic and printing going on. It must be hard, living in a house where two of us say something unintelligible then giggle like mad, as you look on, not understanding anything. But it sure is entertaining for the rest of us ;). I am considering secretly taking Greek lessons, to seal his fate. But that would take too long, and as we know I am the instant gratification queen and I am LAZY. Does not bode well for diabolical plans at all. In a totally unrelated subject, I am going to talk about my flower bed in front. Last year, I had to make the hard decision to totally renovate this bed, which included digging up all my bulbs. Tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, jonquils - I believe I may have single handedly supported Hollands export industry. I was assuaged that the bulbs would be labelled, set aside, and replanted in the fall. This was the only way I would agree to it. Well, I guess somebody came across the bags of drying bulbs in the shed and decided they were yard waste and put them out to the road. That in itself (putting yard waste to the road) is a no-no, because all that should be going into the "compost corner" of the garden. Putting 10 years worth of expensive flower bulbs to the road is even worse. There I was, ready to plant, with nothing to put in the ground - not even the culprit because to this day I don't have a clear confession of who did it. I suspect it was FIL, and DH doesn't want to tell me. But that is neither here nor there. I was too upset to buy new bulbs last fall and figured this was going to be a very dull spring. But life perseveres. Two bulbs must have been missed, and came up. Cheered me immensely to see the colour peeking up out of the green-and-brown. Notice that the photos are carefully cropped so that you don't see the impressive bounty of picker bushes and bindweed that also came up ;). There is one more with no blooms yet, so I'm not sure what it is. It could be another of these, but the leaves look a little narrow so it might even be one of my daffs. Hey, maybe the "pink cloud" one with the pink puff in the center of a yellow cup! Sigh. Maybe. I'll let you know.


Beth_in_TX said...

Oh, Dances - don't you just love when stuff like this happens. My Fairy Rose, that the handy man hacked to the ground last year has rebounded, and while it is 1/25 the size it used to be, it has vigerous growth and an insolent show of flowers!


Anonymous said...

Dances - I did tag you....I had totally forgot about this until I did a random search on Google tonight....did you ever do your list?