Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Shredded out

Bleah. I feel all dusty and itchy. Spent my morning shredding paper. Of course, I should have been working since I have DEADLINES today, but that is beside the point. I couldn't work in a big pile of old bills and papers, could I? Worked up a sweat, I did. And what do I have to show for it? Cotton lung, hives, seven bags of shreds that I don't even know what I will do with, and a DEADLINE that looms. What does one do with shredded paper exactly? I want to recycle it. Certainly can't recycle it in the plastic shopping bags it is in. Too much to fit in our tiny blue box, and anyway it doesn't have a cover so the shreds would just blow all over the street. Although, that would technically mean I was rid of them.....nah. My original idea was to compost the shreds. But really, who knows what kinds of inks and treatments and chemicals are in that paper. Bills, advertisement, old receipts. Plus, it is a HECK of a lot of paper LOL. Two years of bills and things (cleaned the file drawer). The empty envelopes and inserts have been set aside to recycle on their own, but the "good stuf" got fed to "George" - which is what I named my shredder. He eats, he gets a name. That is the deal ;). Can I put it in the garbage? Will they take shredded paper? Should I drive it directly to the dump? Who knew that a bit of administrative cleaning would lead to such conundrums? Ruby felt left out of the fun so decided my lap was the best place to see ALL the action. Every time I fed a bill into George, she would watch that disappearing swatch of paper out of the corner of her eye and pretend not to be concerned. Her heart rate would go up just a little with each "rrrrmmmmmmch!". I told her she was going to have a heart attack by the time I finished the stack. I still have one small pile left to go, but ran out of bags to stuff the shreds in and I am too lazy to go upstairs and get some more. I will go through two years worth of dusty bank statements, but won't go get a shopping bag from the corner cupboard, what does that say about me? One particularly difficult document finally went down but not before a lot of crackling and scrunching and complaining. That was when Ruby decided the lap was NOT the best place and it was much safer on the couch, curled up on my poncho. Smart dog. I would rather be taking a nap too. I have been on a cleaning binge. I know. It sickens me too. It's just not right. But here it is, so I am dealing with it. Given a "Bissel Flip it" to try out. This thing is for hard floors. It dry vacuums in one direction, and wet cleans in the other. On the forward stroke it wets the floor, on the back it squeegies and sucks up the dirty water. It is heavier than I would have liked. And doesn't really balance well so I felt that I had to fight to hold it upright while using it. The dry vacuum side was fine. Better than a stick vac, not as good as a full fledged vacuum and you can only use it on hard floors (no carpeting). While I was using it, I wasn't too altogether impressed with the wet side. Sure, it got up simple drip marks and foot prints. But it amounted to a wet washcloth stuck on the bottom of a squeegie. Not for heavy duty scrubbing to be sure. But once I was done and it was completely dry, WHAT A DIFFERENCE. So it was doing more than I thought. Fine for light everyday type cleaning and touch ups, but won't keep you from scrubbing that floor forever. It came with a brush (not impressed it is too hard for my floor I think) and two scrubbing pads (machine washable), which are interchangeable and quite easy to change back and forth. Another note, I guess I assumed that somehow the brush or the pad MOVED while the machine was in operation. Nope. It just sits on the bottom as you drag it back and forth. I would be lying if I said that didn't disappoint me. But seeing as the finished floor was acceptable, I guess I am slightly over it. Now, if only it didn't drip dirty water everywhere after it was off. I used the sample solution that came with it. I would like to try hot water alone, and maybe water with a touch of vinegar. Even when I hand scrub the floor, I don't use cleaners. Just the hottest water I can stand, and maybe a touch of vinegar for shine. Scrub scrub scrub, wipe wipe wipe (I don't like to leave water sitting on the floor so it gets washed then immediately dried, a few square feet at a time). But the solution didn't smell bad, and didn't leave the floor filmy and sticky like the wet swiffer does. So overall, my rating is that it is not as good as a "good once over with a regular vacuum and crevice tool, then hand scrubbing" but much better than "stick vac, dry swiffer, then wet swiffer". Once the last bit of papers have been shredded (and some old magazines have been bagged and moved to the car to donate to a local charity) I will take the regular vacuum and give this area a good going over with the crevice tool. Cobwebs, dust, tumbleweeds (cat hair and dog hair mixed with bird feathers make the most interesting tumbleweeds, especially when they are caught in a draft and come through the spindles to float gently into my coffee cup). Then each room with get a good dusting and vacuuming. Then the day after that, I will change the furnace filter. Out with the old dust! And in with the new dust! Tee hee!

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itwasonlyadollar said...

I have been in a cleaning streak too. Maybe this is why they call it "Spring" cleaning, ya think? How about giving your vet a call about the shredded paper? Ours take all they can get. They use it for "litter" for just de-clawed kitties. (Don't want to start a deep discussion on the downside of de-clawing, just trying to help the vet out LOL)