Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sneaky buggers

Last night after taking DD to Sparks, DH and I went and bought her a new bike. She knew we have been looking at bicycles, but she thinks it's for when she finishes school this summer. She has no idea that it is an Easter/Spring present. It's a cutie, too. It's called "Cream Soda" but it's purple, and is sort of swoopy kind of like an old fashioned bike. It has fenders, and we bought streamers to go on the handles. The handlebar is bent, rather than the straight sport bike style which I like. I think it would be more comfortable to ride. Isn't it purty? My parents bought me an expensive mountain bike when I graduated from high school. Why? I will never know LOL. By the way they were acting, it was almost like they thought I asked for one or something. But that is neither here nor there. It had like a zillion gears (I never could figure out which gear made it so I could PEDAL the darn thing), and wide tires. I think I could have ridden down kilamajaro on that bike. And yet, it was so heavy and hard to maneuver that I couldn't even ride it around the block. It had the straight handle bars, and even just sitting on it my shoulders would ache and tire almost instantly. The pedals seemed to be off center, toward the back of the bike which made it awkward to get the momentum going. I was not kidding when I say it was impossible for me to pedal. Any trips would have to be one-way downhill type deals. Never rode it even once. Not even down the driveway. When we moved I assumed it had been abandoned with the rest of the family bikes (to be donated to a local charity). But after I moved out on my own my dad proudly presented me with it again. He had cleaned it, had the tires changed and the brakes redone. Gee. Thanks. It has been sitting in my shed since then, about ten years now. I discovered in Florida last year, that while I can pedal a regular bike, once I sit on that seat and start going, some nerve is compressed and I can't move my arms. And moving ones arms is pretty handy when it comes to doing things like STEERING. I also can not move my fingers to work the brake levers. If I stop and stand, I can move my arms and brake and do whatever. But sit on that seat and I lose all upper body control. My mother said it could be worse and I could become incontinent or something. She thinks she is funny. I said "well at least I would be peeing on YOUR bike and not my own". She said I wasn't so funny either. So now, DD has a new bike and will be getting it Easter morning. She can't really ride a two wheeler yet. She should have learned last year...... only nobody seems to be able to run behind her to teach her. You know how it is done. You run behind holding the seat, assuring the child that you will not let go. Then you let go and the child pedals off like a pro. Well, until they turn and see you DID let go and immediately fall and hurt themselves. It's a process. Every child goes through this. It builds character. Right? I never learned that way. Sure, I went through those ropes like everyone else. But I never did learn that way. I was content to just sit on the bike and scoot along using my feet. Then using one foot with the other on the pedal. Then one day, before I knew what was happening, I was pedalling away! And went right around the block even though I wasn't allowed to without permission because I didn't know how to stop. How was I supposed to know that pedalling backwards were the brakes? What kind of logic is that? Anyway, her bike has a coaster brake AND a hand brake so my hopes are that even if we can't manage to teach her the OTHER way she just might figure it out on her own this year - and she will be able to stop before she runs into something. Otherwise we just may have the only college student on the block still using training wheels ;). Dh says he may get his old bike from his mother's shed and have it fixed up so they can ride together (he can't pedal the mountain bike either). Which sounds very nice. But I know it will turn into a situation where she begs every single night of the summer to go for a ride, and he refuses every single night of the summer, then finally agrees only to have to cancel because there is snow on the ground. We went through a similar but opposite situation involving a toboggan. But at least I can manage to bring her sledding, it seems this biking thing is a problem. My sister says I should take up rollerblading so DD can ride and I can skate. She was actually making a joke though. She had the same back surgery I did and knows there will be no roller blading in my future LOL. Could you imagine? I can't walk some days, I would have to be possessed to strap on roller blades. I guess I could just walk with Ruby and DD could ride in circles around us. We'll know it's time to head home when we are both too dizzy to go any farther. Yep, that oughta do it.


Anonymous said...

So how come you haven't sold the mountain bike & bought yourself a scooter where you balance yourself on the base with one foot & push along with the other... ok silly question.... but more likely than rollerblading!!

JenTX said...

What a beautiful bike! And she'll look so stylin' when she's peddling along on her pretty purple bike wearing her gorgeous light purple sweater. I sense a theme here! LOL Can't wait to see a picture of her on her new bike.

The Cookbook Junkie said...

That picture really makes me miss my old bike. It was a pink bike, styled like a dirt bike, called the 'Wild Flower'. My brother had a similar black one with flames, called 'Wild Fire'.

Have her start in the grass - that's what I did. Falling doesn't hurt as much.