Friday, April 07, 2006

Waiting for the cat in the hat to appear

DD has a PD day. Which means a day off from school. And of course, it is raining outside and we can't find fun that is funny in this house. Our "new to us" computer is acting up and she can't install any of her games, she is desolated. And grumpy. And whiney. And if the Cat in the Hat doesn't show up and cheer her soon, I may have to lock myself in the bathroom to get some peace for a bit. She did some modelling for me, and the sweater does fit! A little long and loose in the bottom but not overly so (she hates sweaters that are tight across the waist anyway because they ride up and she ends up showing buttcrack). The sleeves fit nice, and will accomodate growth. I am doubly glad I cut down the neck band, it would have been WAY too high if I used the pattern instructions. Last night I started a test swatch for my wrap. Two repeats across of the pattern, comprised of 17 stitches each. And I have to say, it looks so nice I am tempted to continue along to make it scarf length and set it aside to give as a present. When I press it flat and stretch just a wee bit, you wouldn't believe how pretty it is. Blocking is going to make all the difference to be sure.

And I also did a little practice piece of cabling for the cellphone pouch. What colour? Pastel purple of course LOLOL! I am going to try something a little more involved for the actual pattern though. If I swatch it (and I am sure I will since it scares me roflmao) you are sure to see it here!

Now I am off to pack the car. We sold the baby swing and I have to deliver it, then on to the Social Services office to hawk girl guide cookies for DD's Sparks troupe. They pre-ordered, but want to see the cutie in pink.


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