Thursday, May 25, 2006

Feeling blue

Got my car back yesterday! Funny how a two day repair took ten days to complete. Things finally went through with the insurance and everything. They took my car and gave me a mini-van in exchange so I wouldn't be without transportation while I was waiting. It was a Grand Caravan. Chrysler, I think? It had those Stow-and-go seats that disappear into the floor, which co-incidentally are made at the factory where DH works. The first thing he did was feel up every seat, then put them all 'away'. Nice, but where is DD going to sit? So he unfolded one seat for her. Thanks. Everybody kept congratulating me on the van - "Thanks, but it's a loaner until my car is ready". It was like being accepted into some kind of secret club. Very odd. I had people trying to convince me to BUY a mini-van now that I had driven one for 10 days. "Boy, I bet you are glad to have that thing. Maybe you should get one?". "You are going to be so sad when you get your car back, and miss that van". "I never thought I would like driving a minivan and resisted as long as I could and not I don't know how I lived without it". They were scaring me. Though the Caravan drove more nicely than other minivans I have driven (namely Ford Winstars), I am not rushing out to get one tomorrow. Most times when I drive it is just me, or I have only DD with me. I don't really need this huge thing to bring DD to school or get those four bags of groceries. And in ten days of typical driving, I used more gas than I do in TWO MONTHS of driving my Escort. TWO MONTHS. This "free" loaner cost me forty dollars to drive for a little more than a week. The only really nice thing about it was being able to bring home that gazebo box without having to make special arrangements. How many times do we buy stuff like that? Oh, about once in ten years. Just can't justify the gas for once a year. I was so excited to get my "dinky car" back! I had to take DD with me, and she hates being schlepped on errands so there was a bit of whining going on. We returned the rental (I hate how they make you stand there while they go over the vehicle with a fine toothed comb) then they drove us to the paint shop. Which was nice, but the person who drove us was kind of chatty and wanted to talk to DD and DD wasn't having any of it. She was tired from school and hot and thirsty and hungry and whiney and just wanted to be left ALONE. When we got to the paint shop, we saw an escort parked out front. DD said "Look mommy, a car like yours". Not "your car", a "car like yours". I said "Gee, it must have been a bad year for Escort owners!" and we all had a bit of a giggle. It wasn't until we walked past the car and saw it from the other side that it hit me. This was MY CAR. Only, one side was blue and one side was green. WTF???? The new door and that side of the car are now BLUE. Okay, teal. But the rest of the car is GREEN. Sure, you can't see both sides of the car at the same time but when I am used to seeing and putting my key into a green car and now it is teal, I feel all discombobulated. If you go in front of the car and look at the hood, one side is decidedly bluer than the other. Not enough to really stop you in your tracks - it could be a trick of the light or a shadow at first until you actually LOOK at it. There is no definite line you could point at and say "here is where the two colours join", but there is a difference in the finish of the new paint as well. I knew they were going to do some blending to make sure the paints matched, but I never considered they would use the WRONG COLOUR. The receptionist took one look at the expression on my face and immediately called in the "paint technician". Odd that she didn't have to ask what was wrong. And before I could even say a word to him he got all defensive and said that it was the best he could do and it was the same colour and I must be colourblind if I could not see that. So we went outside and argued some more. Now, let me say again that since you see only one side of the car at the same time you would have to be looking to notice the difference in the colour. But the point is that I did not ask for a two toned car and I am not happy with the result. It is too blue, it is too metallic (refractive I think he said) and the clear coat finish is not the same. The insurance company has already had an adjustor look at it (another sign something funny was going on...why would an adjustor look at it before I even called to complain about it?) who said the colour is fine. DH didn't see a difference in colour until I had him walk around and look at the OTHER side. Then he shrugged his shoulders and said "nobody will notice". An hour later we were getting the mail and a neighbour we have seen twice in ten years came out to ask if we knew one side of the car was bluer than the other. Not sure what we are going to do about all of this. I'll keep you posted LOL. No pictures today. I don't FEEL like it. ROFL.

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