Monday, May 08, 2006

Hiding in the closet eating tofu

Well, not really. Just very very busy. We tried a new thing today. A banana flavoured tofu dessert. It was......banana-y. The texture was somewhere between a pudding and jello. Not enough of one or another to make it good. The flavour was fine, the mouthfeel was horrific LOL. DD lasted longer than I did and ate almost a quarter of her little tray, I ate exactly two small spoons worth. So I guess we are not tofu dessert people. I've used silken tofu in desserts before, and in place of part of the ricotta cheese in a lasagne recipe. But for all my tree-hugginess, I am just not a tofu eater. I've tried it stir fried, deep fried, teryakied, cooked in marinara and marinated with herbs. It's the texture I just can't get past no matter what style. I've eaten soy-based meat-like foods and enjoyed them (tofu dogs, veggie baloney, that sort of thing) but the white block is just beyond my comprehension. I'm more of a TVP gal. Family members that swear they would never eat something like that have been eating it in my lasagne and other sauces for years. I don't sneak it in, they just never ask. And I never bring a scrap home so it must be okay. I am not vegetarian now, but I was for years and really enjoyed many of the recipes. I wouldn't have eaten that way if I didn't LIKE it after all. Confession time - I love my steak as much as I love my eggplant parmesan and I never was able to give up cheese and eggs. This evening I had no idea what to make for dinner. I had about 30 minutes to make SOMETHING. So rice, hamburger, and corn it was. Brown the meat, add the rice and corn, add broth, and let it cook together. It was missing something, and I realized that I should have added some tomato soup or maybe even cream of mushroom soup - you know, just to complete the casseroliness of it. If you are gonna do a hamburg-rice-corn skillet thing, you really should go all the way. DH and DD staged a bit of a protest when they saw what was for dinner, but they didn't like their other option - cook something themselves - so gave it a try. I wouldn't cook this way every night (and I added salsa to mine in my plate, DH ketchup to his) but there wasn't a rice grain left and they each ate a large serving. If I was cooking only for myself I would had also added a chopped onion, mushrooms, and celery, and maybe peas. My parents would likely have eaten it on toast ROFL. I had a strange craving for tinned fruit cocktail for dessert, but I suppressed it. We don't have any and the tofu was waiting. What is the deal with my pickle cravings lately? Not actually pickles themselves but dill pickle flavoured stuff. Chips (they make my stomach hurt though), cream cheese, popcorn, and now rice cakes. DILL PICKLE FLAVOURED RICE CAKES. It is just wrong wrong wrong that I am eating these and enjoying them. It is also wrong that I have been walking around with garlicky dill pickle breath but we won't mention that. Okay, maybe we will because I have a question. Have you ever noticed that brushing, flossing, and gargling mouth wash just don't touch certain things? Like dill pickle breath? Or tuna breath. It works for like five minutes then it's back to stripping wall paper. DD loooooves these cookies. They are soft cookies with date filling in the middle. She has no idea that dates are fruit. In fact she believes it is rather like brown sugar in there. We aren't going to discuss who may have led to her to believe such things. We are all just so snacky tonight! I'm off to find more garlicky tangy dilly things.

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