Monday, May 01, 2006

I looked them in the eye, and stood firm.

Kittens, that is. Free kittens. Three boxes worth of free kittens that were friendly and cute and endearing and kept trying to climb into my coat and come home with us. But I was strong! I looked them right in their tiny little adorable eyes and said "No! You are NOT coming home with us!". They mewed and blinked and groomed my fingers. And I said "No way! I know all your little reindeer games. And they will not work and you are NOT coming home with us". And I actually escaped without a new mouth to feed! It is a miracle folks LOL. DD's Sparks troupe visited a horse farm today. They all got to ride a horse, and feed him a treat. We saw kittens and bunnies and got a tour of the farm. We got to view a shetland pony - from afar. He is a stallion and figures kids are just the right size for....well....he was overfriendly, let's just say that. We got barked at by farm dogs and ate hot dogs and sat around a bonfire and fed begging cats bits of hotdog buns. The girls had a wonderful time to be sure. And I think the parents that were there did as well This blog is late, and it is short, and it is pictureless. Because we had a busy day and I am going to bed ROFL. See ya tomorrow!

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