Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Knitting an Ark

I wonder how big I would have to knit my ark in real wool, so that it will felt to a good size once it's wet. Sheesh! Every time we think the rain is over, whooosh. Downpour! I have been knitting overtime, working like a dog, and letting the house run pretty much to shambles. My chest hurts like the dickens and despite the antibiotics we think it is getting infected. Poop. Sorry for the hit and miss blogging this week. I am planning a nice, relaxing holiday week-end to refresh me and get me back on the five-day-a-week blogging habit LOL. Of course, DH wants to set off fireworks this week-end. I have always been able to convince him that it is not such a good idea, as danger is certainly NOT his middle name. But he thinks this time he might be able to escape that jinx. Let's see. When he put in a wall in the basement he managed to trap his ring between a board and the wall. I got home from work and he was standing there, acting all non-challant. I went and changed out of my work clothes, and he was standing there acting all non-challant. I made dinner and he was still standing there, still acting non-challant. I said "You are stuck there, aren't you". And he said "Oh yeah." LOL! He has managed to fall UP the stairs more times than I can count, the worst one gave him bruises at about one foot intervals from his neck to his ankles. One time in the winter I was talking to him out the car window. One second he was there, the next he was not. I blinked for a bit, then looked down to see him sprawled out on some ice. The only ice for blocks. It wasn't even that cold out. When we first got our chiminea he went and bought himself a hatchet - for splitting firewood. I kept pointing him to the little boy scout models, he was steering toward the gigantic axes used to fell redwoods. He settled on a mid-side all purpose hatchet. Truth be told, our first batch of firewood really didn't need to be split. It was a good size for burning. But he had to use that hatchet! Our patio then was lined with 2x2 decorative patio stones (the ones that look like cobble stones). Mr. Brilliant didn't think to split the wood elsewhere or use some kind of platform. Nope. He opted to split the wood right on the patio stones. It was a bad situation all the way around. Sure we got a nice fire, but it cost us two broken patio stones, a pair of ripped jeans, and a trip to the clinic to sew up his knee. He had managed to somehow clip his knee with the little pointy part on the bottom of the axe-head. Halloween left him with a cut on his face (slapped by a shard of plastic that split off a post he was hammering into the lawn), a sliced palm (a bamboo pole splintered while he was pulling on it), a bump on his head (dropped the hammer when attaching a fly line for our Frankenstein) and wax burns from knocking over a candle. Christmas, he had just turned off the camcorder when he tripped over a step-stool and fell flat on his back in the kitchen. Just in time for me to step on him. He isn't CLUMSY per se. He's just not observant to his surroundings. When he used to smoke, he often burned himself. Flicked hot ashes into the wind. Touched his leg with the heater. The first time he met my extended family, it was on a camping trip. Dh was sitting by the campfire, trying to look cool in his acid wash jeans and leather jacket. He smoked Players Light back then, and they were short to begin with. It was about half way gone and he went to take it out of his mouth, but it stuck to his lip and he miscalculated the distance with his hand. He bumped the bottom, and managed to basically stick the lit end of a cigarette up his nose. In front of my entire family. And then try to pretend it was not happening while general surprise and panic was going on around him ROFL. Now I ask you. Does it sound like a good idea to let this man put flame to fuse? I think NOT. He is insisting, however. And since I am not his mother nor the police, short of throwing my body on the box of incindaries I am at a loss of what to do. I can only hope this rain continues to douse the house so it would be too soggy to catch on fire from poorly aimed fireworks. To keep my mind off such things (and to burn off some work stress) I have been knitting. Half of my wrap is done. This is actually self patterning sock yarn but is not shown to it's full effect here because of the big needles used to knit it. Once it is blocked it will look nicer, I swear. There is that lace edge and a great expanse of stockinette. Now I have to do another half, starting with the lace and finishing with a great expanse of stockinette. Then the two pieces will be grafted in the center. This is that same lace pattern using smaller needles and worsted weight yarn. This is for a gift, and I have like three feet to go on it. I don't need it until the fall, but I wanted to work on it since the lace pattern is so fresh in my mind. I am also working on crocheting ANOTHER wrap. This one will be bigger, so it can double as a sort of blanket for naps and things while cool breezes come in the windows. The yarn I'm using isn't picturing well at ALL so I am not posting a picture until it is done. But I will post a picture of the rosary I made for DH's cousin's son (did you get that? LOL). His first communion is this week-end. I like to make custom rosaries for first communions. I choose the materials to best represent the recipient. For example, for my niece it was ribbon roses and crystals. For my nephew it was wooden beads and twine. I always include a "prayer box" charm for a junction piece. In this case the rosary is very heavy, crocheted in Pattons Grace in black. Those are sterling silver leaves and fiber optic beads with an onyx cross. The rosary bag is very plain, with just a few outer loop ridges for decoration. I think it fits this boy well. Nothing TOO flashy. Solid. Cool. And I know he loves silver.

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