Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Oooh, evil evil evil!

Baked potato chips are evil, I tell ya! I don't even LIKE potato chips. I discovered these a few years ago when I was on a low fat diet and needed something crunchy. They are real sliced potatoes (not to be confused with other baked chips that taste like they are formed from dehydrated potato flakes). Kettle brand. They are hard to find in the plain salted variety but those are the ones I like. I simply cannot trust myself with these things! I can eat the whole bag in one sitting. Low fat or not, that can not spell good things for my abdomen. They kind of remind me of the crispy edges from roasted potatoes. Never mind that crunching in the background. You know it is a bad day when I am eating potato chips and it isn't even noon yet. As long as I don't break out the ice cream, it should all be fine. I have to go into the office this afternoon for another meeting. I don't really want to go, but that really isn't a surprise, is it? Funny, I feel so lonely lately because I work from home and have little adult interaction. Apart from the grocery store or carting DD back and forth to school, that is. I should be jumping at the chance to go to a meeting and sit in a room full of real live people that have news and family updates and gossip for me. Yet, I am not. When it was decided that I was to work from home, there were some bad feelings with the people that had to work from the office. They felt I was getting special favours, and not really working. They just didn't understand that I was reporting to somebody in a different country and had nothing to do with their process anyway, what difference did it make to THEM where I was? But still, there were hurt feelings and bad attitude over it. When I visit everybody is polite enough, in fact you might never know there were problems. But I know, and it gets in the way. Something I have to work on I guess. Office politics are an interesting game. Nobody ever mentioned while I was in University that my worth as a person and employee was going to be determined some day by whether or not I had a bookcase or a coat rack, and by the number of drawers in my filing cabinet. The people I work with make these games a veritable art. When something on your desk broke (say, a phone) and needed replacing, it did not mean that you personally got that new item. Nope! The highest in the pecking order got the NEW phone. Their old phone went to the next in line, and so on. You could end up with a phone that was in worse shape than the one tossed in the garbage. New office supplies are in short supply and high demand. Don't go on vacation, or you will lose your swing-line stapler and good letter opener. I stopped working suddenly when I had my back surgery and was off for six months. I came back to an office that was picked clean. They even took my paper clips! After all, they were coated coloured clips and therefore a coveted item. I had a special ergonomic chair (I've had back problems a long time), which had been appropriated not by the other person with a bad back, but the "highest level employee" who felt she merited a new chair. Upon my return, the office manager informed me I would have to ask if she would give it back. If not, I was out of luck - and I'll give you one guess what her answer was when I asked to have it back. I begged to differ, brought in the labour board, and guess whose arse has graced this chair ever since? Yep, yours truly. Being somewhat handy (I am the BiWay Martha Stewart), I would often take broken items and fix them for my own use (always with permission, and the items never left the office). One of these was a large, beautiful bookcase that had been overloaded and cracked. I fixed it and polished it up, and proudly put it in my office. The grumbling started! I was third in line for a bookcase (and in this office it meant somebody had to retire or die to get one, bookcases were not on the purchase list. Ever.), how could I have a bookcase? I came in one morning to find the office manager waiting for me. She confiscated the bookcase that SHE gave me permission to fix, then gave it to another employee - the one who grumbled the loudest about being passed up for this important measure of importance! My office itself was a bone of contention. Nobody wanted that office. It was right next to the bathroom and in the older section of the building. While it had a window, it was poorly placed and looked out onto a brick wall and parking lot. I was promoted, and this promotion included an office. There was no objection to me taking that room, as nobody wanted it anyway. I re-arranged the furniture (and got rid of the credenza. Yes, it is a status object but really there was no room for that nor the coat tree). I had it painted at my own cost. I stained wood boards to make shelves in the window frame - since there was not view OUT the window I made one IN the window. I had plants, pictures, and art glass on the shelves. It wasn't long before the grumbling started! This was a NICE office. People wanted that office. It had a window. Blah blah blah. I was ousted once or twice, only for the new occupants to decide that being next to the bathrooms is not exactly the BEST place to be. Especially after lunch. So I always ended up moving back in. Since moving to my home office, that room has stood empty. There was talk of me using it part time, and all of a sudden everybody had plans for that room so we dropped it (thank goodness LOL). Still empty. When I changed departments and became part of Operations, I got to follow a different dress code. I was allowed to wear jeans and "work tops" instead of office attire. I could wear running shoes. I could wear shorts in the summer and sleeveless tops if I felt like it. Boy, did that cause a stir! Never mind I had to crawl through dirt all day, it wasn't FAIR that I got to wear comfy clothes to work. To keep the peace, I was asked to wear office attire and was given a pair of coveralls "in case there is dirty work". I think I wore those coveralls at least part of every day. You want to see the dark side of human nature, order new monitors for the whole office but send only two 17 inch, and the rest 15. Suddenly everybody NEEDS that bigger screen. Having that larger screen would mean there would be NO mistake about who was who, in that office! One of my last acts as network administrator (before taking the position where I could work from home) was to give the two data entry operators the larger screens. That means the two LOWEST ON THE TOTEM POLE (although who racked up the most hours staring at a computer screen). Pandemonium. Wish me luck this afternoon! I have a new pen, it just might start a riot ;). Just a quick picture from yesterday. I couldn't lighten the face up at all, but that really is DD up there LOL. Is it just me, or does this kid look like she BELONGS on a horse?


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Granlan said...

Dances, your office stories sound so familiar to me having spent 25 years in an office atmosphere. You make me see the humor in it where I couldn't laugh back then.

I just enjoy your blogs so much..and you. :)