Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Yin and yang

Too hot outside. Too cold inside. There is never a happy medium (median?) for me! I can't take the heat but air conditioning chills me to the bone. Fans pushing hot air around the room and my hair into my face do nothing to help so forget that option. I've tried raising the temp just a bit - so that it still takes the humidity out of the air but doesn't make it so I could make icecream holding a glass of milk - but DH and DD freak out and pant and scream and insist they are burning up. Drama queens. We were getting by fine, although it was getting hard to sleep as it was stuffy upstairs. But poor Ruby was ready to drop. She loves to be outside but the humidity is too much for her. She was panting so much I was getting worried. I have to admit it is hilarious when she lies completely flat and spread eagled on the kitchen floor - maximum belly to cool linoleum contact. But it isn't right to have her suffer. So the air conditioner went on, and so did my socks because I am a fricken popsicle right now. I have purchased my veggie plants, but I haven't planted them yet because it is just too hot for me out there. Plus I am lazy. It would seem that somewhere in my pea-sized brain I would figure out that dragging the hose over and watering those poor sun scorched plants sitting in the driveway three times a day is much more work than plunking them in the ground. But nope. There they sit, and out I trudge to give them their periodic drink. I've also been watering the new sod, as I was able to disable that part of my brain that convinced me watering grass - any kind of grass, even new sod that I paid money for - was a waste of time and money. It is growing nicely. And if I had been paying attention to the gardener I would know when I could stop watering it and when we can mow it for the first time. Tomatoes (several kinds), cucumbers, eggplant, zucchini (green and yellow), swiss chard, nasturtium, banana peppers. I think that's it so far. Of course, we don't know what will survive the "driveway" period so that planting list could change. Around here if you aren't rugged and thrive on neglect then you don't stand a chance. People and animals included LOL. Actually that is not true. I cook Ruby's food for her once a week, and she eats better than we do. The cats get the best quality food I can get, and even the bird gets fresh fruit and greens every day alongside his special canary food and "supplement". The fish get flakes and granules and algae disks, and shrimp. I bought the wrong dried shrimp last time, these things were huge. I couldn't bring them back, so I put them through the coffee grinder much to the amusement of my darling husband and daughter. They also get veggies once or twice a week and the occasional frozen block of blood worms (shudder!). Food is love baby, even if you are a dog/cat/bird/fish! Too bad my family has to subsist on macaroni and cheese from a box and raw hot dogs ;). Hey, with all that other food love going on, who has time to cook for PEOPLE? Oh fine, I'll nuke the hotdogs then. Sheesh. I have a raised bed system for the veggie garden, complete with soaker hoses that run through it. Being the lazy booger that I am, I want to get a water timer this year so I don't have to go to the other side of the house and turn the hose on and off. But the ones I keep finding have to be started manually - I want a PROGRAMMABLE one. My family thinks I am crazy, especially my brother. His yard is like a botanical garden, and he does all his own weeding and watering and mowing by hand. He is also as cheap as the day is long. As far as he is concerned I might as well dig a hole, throw my money in it, and shovel the dirt back in. "How hard is it to turn the water on and off?". Obviously he doesn't know who he is dealing with here. Tomorrow we have a potluck dinner for the Girl Guides division of DD's Sparks group. Sparks, Brownies, Guides, and Pathfinders will be there as we will have the "crossing over" ceremonies as girls graduate from one to the other. DD was digging her heels in that she was done with Sparks and did NOT want to do Brownies but I think some of the other girls (and I was pushing for it too) have convinced her otherwise. We will register her, and see how she likes it. I know she will like it more than Sparks. She liked that, in fact once she was there she LOVED Sparks. But it was getting her there that was the problem. She didn't want to stop doing THIS to go do THAT....even if THIS was absolutely nothing. Cross your fingers please. Anyway, her last session was Monday and now there is the dinner tomorrow. I am making tortilla pinwheels, and hoping that DD will help me put them together. Only because I think she will have a good time doing it, not because I need the help LOL. I'll post a picture of the finished product tomorrow, unless they look like crap in which case we will never mention them again - bwa ha ha haaaa!

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