Wednesday, May 03, 2006

You are getting sleeeepy.....

When DH is on day shift the house is so....quiet. No TV. No radio. Nobody asking me questions or making comments on commercials or wondering out loud what to have for breakfast/lunch/snack. Blissfully quiet. Not silent. No no, never silent. Frankie the bird happily hops from perch to perch, mumbling and singing and twittering and so on. Sometimes he rummages through his seeds and flings them around a bit. Or jettisons his apple slice from the treat cup - kachung! He loves his bath and bathes gleefully every day. You can hear him splashing about in the water. Then there is Xena (the warrier kitty) trampling through the house now and again. Why she needs to gallop from room to room I will never know. Otherwise she is graceful and silent, except when jumping up door frames and 'killing them very badly' with her front paws. Or stealing and romping with pony tail holders. Or just romping in general with bits of things she has found (plastic sleeves from drink box straws are a coveting romping item). Jasmine is pretty quiet most of the time although she can be talkative. Especially if breakfast is late. She especially enjoys giving DH what for if he does anything at all out of the ordinary or makes any kind of noise. Every once in a while she will get a wild hair and attack the table cloth. In the relative quietness, the sound of Ruby's snoring is the loudest. I love her snore. I listen to it all night and most of the day. I think it is one of the cutest things I have ever heard. Once in a while, late at night when I can't sleep, I lie and listen to her and DH snoring in tandem. It's hard not to giggle. From time to time one of them will snort or snork loudly, and the other will wake a little with obvious annoyance to glare at the noisemaker, roll over, sigh deeply, then fall back to sleep to rejoin the chorus. Cracks me right up. But if I am even the least bit sleepy, her snore lulls me to the point I am in danger of nodding off and falling off my computer chair. My eyes droop, my head gets heavy. I do get annoyed if I am very busy, it's hard to work when somebody is trying to hypnotize you. See, it's all part of a diabolical plan to get me to move to the couch for a nap. When she sees me do that, she gets all excited and runs to find a toy. She HAS to have a toy to take a nap, don't you know. Then she will jump up, walk along my side like I am a fallen log, and throw herself down on my hip with a deep sigh. The toy gets kneaded and sucked (or used as a pillow) until she goes totally limp and falls asleep, snoring deeply and blissfully. This is her favourite thing. To be in direct contact with both me and her toy, and sleeping all at once. If only she could figure out how to eat at the same time and she would be in complete pug heaven. She comes running if I sit on the couch or in the recliner, because sitting in those places means LAP TIME. She doesn't like when I use her as a book or magazine stand, but doesn't mind having knitting or crocheting rested on her. If I crochet with the double ended afghan hook she gives it a strange look out of the corner of her eye - she isn't too sure about that thing - but won't get down. She also gets suspicious when I knit in the round with DPN's - all those points sticking out everywhere and her with those bulgy expensive eyes. Occasionally Jasmine will decide that SHE wants to sit on my lap. So she just jumps up and plops herself down right on top of the dog. Ruby will stay and look pitiful for a bit, then get intimidated and jump down. I can't take the soulful stares she gives me, how dare I betray her with a CAT. They CAN had HAVE shared my lap, but they both prefer to have it to themselves. When Ruby gets tired of waiting, she will jump up and start kissing Jasmine's face, which works every time and the dog gets the lap back. Throw DD into the mix, and you have THREE beings that want to be on my lap and get jealous of attentions to others. DD doesn't like being used as a bookstand either ROFL. Speaking of naps, this summer I would like to get a better, bigger hammock. I need one with a stand, we don't have trees close enough and no good place to put poles. Plus I want to be able to move it around the yard as I see fit. I have a cheapie one but it doesn't really swing and there is only room for one person. Gets pretty crowded (and comical) with DD, myself, and the dog on it. I will consider one of the padded swings that folds down, but they are pricey. And I wonder if they are actually long enough to lie across? I am looking forward to lazy afternoon naps, swinging back and forth with the breeze on our skin and listening to the birds and the trees. And the pug snores, of course LOL. We are also looking at sun shades for our patio. In the mornings there is too much sun to sit out there, and in the afternoons and evenings there is more shade but then it gets buggy. It would be nice to have shade and the option of netting sides to keep the skeeters out. I don't want it to hinder using our chiminea though, so we have to figure something out regarding that. Some knitting/crocheting progress: This is a baby blanket. That is a knitted square picturing baby footprints, centered in a crocheted blanket. About four feet square, perfect for wrapping baby or covering a carrier. This is a gift, I have to get off my arse and send it away. This is a close up shot of a lace scarf. It started off as a test swatch of two repeats in a lace pattern, and I liked it so much I decided to finish it as a scarf. About four inches wide, it's much more delicate than the picture shows...although I do want to block it. Very soft. I want to try the same pattern in a worsted weight, this was slightly thinner than sport weight but had some fuzz that adds bulk. This is the same pattern, five repeats across using self patterning sock yarn. Yes, coveted sock yarn. But DD didn't like the colours and I did and I have so much sock yarn now that I could spare it. Who would have thought that could happen ROFL? The light blue ridge on the bottom will not stay there. It is a provisional cast on. Once I complete the first half of the wrap, I will undo the cast on edge, catching up the freed loops. Then I will continue in the opposite direction. This way the pattern doesn't go all in one direction. When the wrap is worn, the pattern on both sides will go the same way, instead of looking like one side is going up and the other is going down. I know that didn't make any sense but believe me it will look better - tee hee!

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