Monday, June 26, 2006

Hello? Anybody here?

Whew. That was a long gap from blogging! But I am finally alive and well. Okay, I am alive. The wellness part is always subjective. Two weeks in a row DD and I have gotten the flu. It kicked my butt the first time, and damn near killed me the second. DD is doing well, but you know how kids bounce back. One minute they are lethargic, the next they are bouncing off the walls like nothing happened. She didn't want to go to school today, figuring being home with mommy was a good deal. She got to drink flat ginger ale, and eat pudding or freezies on demand. I was right there to change her channel, fluff her pillow, arrange her stuffed toys and blanket. I don't blame her, that sounds pretty good to me too LOL. But she has a class picnic today, which she has been looking forward to all year. I didn't want her to miss it. A child that is well enough to stay up until 9pm singing and reading and counting out loud (out VERY loud) is well enough to go to school, methinks. I'll be meeting her for the picnic at lunch, and if she looks peaked I will bring her home. I;m not an animal, after all. Speaking of animals, Ruby's ears are doing fine. She had bad ear infections from what we believe was either improper grooming or perhaps even a reaction to an ear wash product used on her. She has a special cleaner, and two kinds of drops that I torture her with every day. She looks so sad and dejected while I am doing them for her LOL. But she tolerates it as she gets two cheerios for being good (two ears, two cheerios). She will suffer through a lot for a cheerio. She likes rice krispees too, but they get stuck on her lip and freak her out when they crackle. Corn flakes, not so much. She spits them out and barks at them. Dogs are fun. Last night as I was making her batch of food for the week I got to thinking how funny it was that lately I have been trying to get out of cooking dinner as often as possible, yet I cook for the dog. Rain or shine, sick or well, I make her food once per week. It's just a matter of running some veggies through the food processor and boiling stuff all together, but I don't do that for my husband and daughter on a reliable basis. Well, maybe I might if they would eat something other than chicken and plain rice, noodles, or mashed potatoes. I am getting frustrated with the whole "trying to figure out what they will eat when they don't eat much of anything and if we have skinless boneless chicken and white rice one more time I will retch" thing. Lump of meat, chunk of starch, creamy sauce or gravy. That is all they ever went to eat, variations on that. Not very inspiring. DH picked up steaks to grill last night, bless his heart. Expensive t-bones, but they were NOT very good. Tough, had weird gristly bits running through them that I have never seen on a t-bone before. Plus he used the new grill (inherited when his dad passed away) and for some ungodly reason cooked them on LOW. Ever eaten a tough, boiled steak with odd gristle running through it? No amount of steak sauce was helping THAT. It's not that great of a grill to begin with, but DH has it in his head that it is some big fancy thing. Our BBQ is much better IMHO. But who in the heck cooks steak on low? Bleah. The baked potatoes were good though. I only had two potatoes, so DH ate one, DD ate the middle out of the other and I had the crispy skin from hers. Yum! I rubbed them with butter, sprinkled with baked potato seasoning, and baked them in the convection oven for 1 hour. Finally, something this oven does right! I could have eaten just a baked potato for dinner, it was that good. But I had to make do with just the peel. I also made myself some creamed spinach. Which almost became a very bad thing, because I followed the recipe on the back of the spinach package. And halfway into adding the ingredients I finally heard that voice screaming in the back of my mind "SOMETHING IS NOT RIGHT HERE". One tiny package of spinach, and like seven cups worth of liquid between chicken stock, water, and cream. Wait a minute, that is a recipe for cream of spinach SOUP! Bah! So I did some straining and other creative maneuvers and managed to save it. It still made a lot. A LOT. I had two helpings last night, and a good generous portion this morning as an omelette filling. I will mix some with cooked broccoli, noodles, and slivered almonds to have as a side dish this week, and freeze the rest in portions. I love it, but if I eat the whole batch I will be back in the bathroom for the week. TMI? Well, we all know I love to share. So I guess I better start packing things together for the picnic. I can't find the camera, so no pics to share. I should check in DD's toy room for it, but frankly I am afraid to go in there. DD won't go in the basement, DH won't go into the fruit (root?) cellar. My sister won't go into her garage. We all have places we refuse to go, for whatever reason. The toy room and the shed are mine. The shed is evil, and that is all I will say about it. And the toy room, I believe, is the gateway to another dimension where sparkle paint and crayons mingle freely with kitchen implements and "borrowed" tea towels to make magic potions that stain for life. I am scared.

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