Thursday, June 15, 2006

I finally broke down and bought myself the i-pod shuffle that I have been hinting for since they came out. Subtle hints. You know, making comments when commercials come on, pointing to it at stores saying "those things are cool". That sort of thing. You all know DH is not exactly Mr. Sensitivity, but for some reason I always forget this. The hints were not working so I took a harder tack and cut pictures out of catalogs and left them places. Subtle places like attached to the bathroom mirror and in his lunch bag. That didn't work, so I out and out said I wanted it. I tried coaching DD, but she kept giving him cryptic messages about shuffleboard and turtles (don't even ask. I have no clue. Purple Monkey Banana Typewriter). Christmas, birthday, valentines day, and more have passed and I got nothing but a shrug and a "didn't know what to get you". *pardon for a moment, Paul Simon's Cecelia is on and that calls for singing in harmony. Since we all know about me and singing, I need to conentrate or else people could get hurt*. In all seriousness (and I know most of you won't believe this), it isn't my style to buy something like that for myself. I pick things up for DD and DH all the time if I see something I know they need or like, but for me it is usually necessities only. We are talking having to underwear shop in bathing suit bottoms because the last pair has fallen apart. I could drop hints with my parents for Christmas (Mom shops all year and gets excellent deals on things) but I know for sure she would get the most expensive one with video and stuff, and really I don't need something that grand. *Excuse for a bit, Peter Paul and Mary are Blowing in the my ear*. I figure, it is a sin to covet right? And I was surely coveting this thing. Well, I have to save myself from that don't I? Wouldn't you try to save somebody from sin if you could? See how I look out for my best interest? Stop looking at me like that. And don't shake your head. It is making me dizzy. *or could it be the remix version of 'Barbie World' that is playing now - with the driving techno intro that makes my heart beat faster?*. ANYWAY. So, I copy some songs off the two whole CD's I own and a few I scoffed from DH's collection (Aerosmith. Can't find the Ozzy No More Tears CD and everything else he has doesn't interest me. No offence Rob Halford). I bought a few from i-tunes as well - everything legal here folks. I love love love this thing. You can play your songs in order or have it "shuffle" randomly through them. It weighs next to nothing. And to charge and load it with songs, no cords are needed because the bottom has a USB connector on it. Just plug it in. It works as automatically or manually as you want. Very happy so far. *Interesting. Not sure Ricky Martin's "Living La Vida Loca" fits in properly right after that techo stuff, but what can you do. I'll be right back. When you listen to Ricky Martin you have to shake your butt, it's like a law or something*. But - and here is the big but (no no, don't panic. Not big BUTT. And you shouldn't have watched earlier if it was going to traumatize you for life. Have some sense of self preservation for goodness sake and look away next time). For some reason when I wear earphones I become very conscious of my breathing because it seems so LOUD. Which makes me sort of hold my breath, or breathe....very.....slow. I don't even realize I am doing it until I feel vaguely ill. To try and control it I breathe out sort of hard through my nose (and loud nose breathing is never attractive). I get very self conscious and feel incredibly out of shape even though I am controlling the breath out and not fighting for breath in. *Oops, gotta press the skip button. We've shuffled to a workout Podcast. Like that is going to happen right now......although the timing is uncanny. I feel like a fat old lump that can't breathe and a workout podcast comes on. Do the karma gods EVER take a break?*. So now I have been saved from certain damnation (I reserve the right to think positive about such things).........but everybody else has to listen to me breathe like a dork. Everything is a tradeoff. *I think I might "Walk This Way" with Steve Tyler and the rest of Aerosmith and go get the mail*.

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parhelia said...

Here's hoping "Walk Like an Egyptian" doesn't come on while you're on your way to the mailbox!

Tee hee! Glad you're enjoying your Shuffle. They are handy for car trips, too! The adaptors can be expensive, so look for a good bargain or an off-brand.