Monday, June 12, 2006

I know you are talking but all I hear is "blah blah blah"

Can you believe my daughter said that to me? My little girl, my raison d'etre, my baby piece of angel food cake said THAT. Then she laughed her little arse off at her own cleverness. Seems she saw that on a sticker, and said sticker was on the lunchbag of (hold on to your hat) her BOYFRIEND. Yes, she claims to have a boyfriend. Now, last year she had a boyfriend too. Let me just mention, last year she was in kindergarten. And she had a boyfriend. She walked up to a boy, and told him he was her boyfriend. And he wasn't happy about it, but she said he had to do it, so there it was. We giggled about that, but it was all innocent and cute and stuff. Well. THIS year, she has a different boyfriend. And we keep finding notes that they pass back and forth. Notes with the words "love" and "kiss" in them. Notes that make a parent want to lie down with a cold cloth on their heads. I have seen these two together. They barely speak. Sometimes he gives her a push or a punch on the arm. Sometimes she does the same. Then they argue over a toy or something and yell "Oh YEAH? Well good-bye!" and storm off in different directions. She walked over to me once after one such altercation, face beaming and a dreamy look in her eyes "Sigh. I love him". ROFL! We were worried about the kissy kissy words, but seeing as they can't even stand to sit next to each other I think we are safe for the few days that are left to the school year. We'll see how it goes. It seems that somebody gave my little girl permission to grow up. How did that happen? Why was I not consulted? Shouldn't I have a say in all this? She wore her new two piece bathing suit last night, and when I went outside to watch her swim my heart skipped a beat because I didn't see her in the pool. Then I remembered - oh yes. That tall kid in the big-girl bathing suit is my daughter. What was I doing, looking for water wings and a pink one-piece with duckies on it? After swimming they came inside to eat and she threw on her animal-print fleece robe. It is crazy how adorable a little girl looks wrapped in an oversized super fluffy robe. I watched her, holding her plate, standing in line politely and filling her own plate from what was offerend and thought to myself "who is this child, and where did my little girl go?". Then I watched her inhale an entire steak but leave her potato behind because it had an onion flake on it....and THERE she was LOLOL! I am a bit worried about myself. If I act like this and the child is not even seven, how can I hope to survive her teenage years and beyond? Graduating from highschool, going to university, getting married, having kids of her own. I am going to need a heck of a lot of cold cloth time. Maybe I should buy stock in textiles.

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