Wednesday, June 28, 2006

It's splash day!

Today is DD's last day at school. And it is splash day, which means they get to bring their bathing suits and a towel and have water games. Whatever that means LOL. She was very excited. Last night she requested that she have a bath, so I could put her hair in little braids while it was wet. It seems that wavy hair looks good with a bathing suit and towel on splash day, and who am I to argue? She also insisted on wearing her flip flops, even though they hurt her feet and she can't walk in them and they give her blisters. Being the mom I am, I made sure to pack shoes and socks because I know she is NOT going to last in those flip flops. Notice that I did not forbid her from wearing them at all. Being a mom is hard, but no need to make it impossible at 8:00am on the last day of school. Now, just stop for a moment, and ponder those words please. LAST. DAY. OF. SCHOOL. If you are a parent, those few little words for sure must strike fear into your heart. If you are a stay-at-home parent or work from home, it is downright terror. What the freak am I going to do with a six year old all day every day until school starts again? That, ladies and gents, is why they invented DAY CAMP! Yay day camp! Instead of climbing all over me asking for something to eat, for something to watch on tv, for something to DO....I can send her someplace where they run her around until she is ready to drop. Then they play some more. She comes home famished, tired, and ready to go to bed early. Sigh. I love day camp. Of course, she isn't signed up yet. DH has two weeks off starting next week and has taken it upon himself to extricate her from her day camp committments to "be with him". I am not happy, my friends. For this usually translates to him sleeping late when our daughter wakes at the crack of dawn, then sitting in front of the tv while she begs and pleads and cajoles him to DO SOMETHING with her. And he promises all these activities, not realizing that unless they are on their way out the door it is probably best not to even mention them. Being asked every two minutes "are we going golfing now? Is it time to go play golf? Can we go golfing now?" is annoying for him and painful for me to listen to all day long. And we all know he has no real intention of doing any of those things, and it causes tantrums when she finally gets the news. I can only hope that he realizes very early on in those weeks that day camp is a GOOD thing for her, even if it is not free, and hope beyond hope they still have a place for her there. I have promised to check into a "baking" camp for her as well. She loves to mix things and bake things and is starting to find an interest in cooking in general, even things she does not like to eat herself. No interest at all in art camp, dance camp, or sports camp. So baking will have to do. It is expensive, so she gets one week. Maybe two if I can separate them out. But what is a few bucks in the face of a lifetime of memories. Right? As for the missing camera, it has been found. It ended up at my parent's house, and I haven't been able to get out there to retrieve it yet. But once I do, look out! Picture-rama! Have a good splash day!

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