Friday, June 09, 2006

Like living with tapeworms

There are some days when I am afraid to sit still, lest I be eaten by the other members of this household before I can get away. For picky eaters, they sure do eat a LOT. I am on a first name basis with the stock boy at the grocery store. I feel like I spend my whole paycheck on food every week. They aren't excited for meals, but when it comes to snacking in the evening there are no holds barred. Last night (while I was at the grocery store of course) they ate the bag of tortilla chips and queso dip I bought for a gathering we are going to Sunday. Plus a bag of "Old Fashioned" chips I bought for my mother. Funny how the precut veggie sticks are still in the fridge, looking lonely. We won't discuss the bowl of fruit rapidly gathering fruit flies on the table. We had DD's school Family Luau last night. DD was dressed appropriately like a little hula girl. Darling of course. DH was late as he decided to pick up MIL as a surprise. And it was a surprise, I can tell you that. There were few activities this year, but DD was having a ball being with her friends while listening to Karaoke, and it really is all about her at these things. I found it absolutely adorable to see them sitting there and talking and dancing and laughing. Brought back memories LOL. If you want a cute overload, dress a bunch of little girls in grass skirts and flower necklaces and tell them to dance :). DD got brave and sang "Born to be wild" over the microphone. She wanted me to sing a song too, but I am a closet Karaoke-er and the world is better for it, trust me. DH and MIL were a little upset that all they were doing was standing and watching as DD and I socialized. I introduced them to the people I knew, but they weren't interested in mixing apparently. Besides going to the grocery store, events like these are the only time I get out of the house and have a chance to talk to people. Deal with it. Plus DH was a bit miffed when he asked what I had planned for dinner. THIS is what I planned for dinner, silly! Not happy at the prospect of eating hotdogs and chips in the schoolyard, they left when it started to drizzle. DD and I happily ate hotdogs and munched potato chips in the rain LOL. Well, she had cheezies and somehow we both ended up covered in orange fingerprints but that is a whole different discussion altogether. Perhaps a new blog entitled "I am not a napkin" for another day. After the bill debaucle and a small argument at the Luau (okay it wasn't small, but it was in public so involved hissing words through gritted teeth very quietly) I have decided I will buy NO MORE SNACKS. No more junk. No pop tarts. No pudding. No ice cream or chips or Bugles. I think junk food in small portions occasionally can't hurt, but somehow these two are basing their diet on it. Very hard to do in this house where even the pizza crust is whole wheat and the cheese is low fat. When they pick at their dinner then eat a party's worth of nibble food in a sitting, calling it a "snack", then it is time for a change, methinks. I almost combusted to find out DH and MIL stopped at a fast food restaurant on the way home. They won't eat hotdogs and hamburgs with chips in the schoolyard, but they will eat hamburgers and french fries at three times the price at McDonalds. The same McDonalds that DH denies DD saying it is too expensive to eat there. She eats a chicken nugget kids meal that comes with apples and milk, that is hardly running up the bill. Sigh. One step forward, three steps back sometimes eh? In happier news, my sister came for a visit this morning to use our printer. I didn't want her to come because the house is torn apart (still suffering from the fallout of being sick and not doing much at the beginning of the week), but she insisted she wasn't going to LOOK at anything, just use the printer. If I had known she had FIVE HUNDRED pictures to print, I would have told her to find another ink patsy. Too late. Ruby was thrilled due to the freshly painted toes (that dog LOVES toes, especially brightly painted toes and open shoes) and she loves her Auntie. The cats were less thrilled and took off for under the bed when she walked in. Which is fine by her, as she is scared of cats. She has one of her own, a Himalayan. Loves him to death and spoils him and does horrible things like dressing him in GIRL clothes, but still a little afraid of him LOLOLOL. It was nice to have a visit. She was amazed I can read, type, drink coffee, AND have a conversation at the same time. Who knew I was so talented? Been working on some Christmas presents (you can never start too early). This is the "Irish Hiking Scarf" I am making for - get ready for this - DH's cousin's wife's step-brother. Every year on Christmas day we go to DH's Aunt's house, and he is always invited. He has a "significant other" but his father does not accept his lifestyle so his friend is not invited. This tugs my heart strings. How sad it must be, to want to spend Christmas with your father when he does not accept your beloved. How hard it must be to say to the man you love "I am going but you cannot come". Couldn't imagine it. I don't know why, but something inside said to make him this scarf. He has a tan winter coat and this colourway will go well with it. The cable details are lovely, but don't picture well in variegated yarn. Drat. I wish you could see it in person, it really is beautiful. Not quite half way done. The wrap made from sock yarn that I made for myself is done but still needs blocking. No real pattern, I just used a lace repeat from the "Lacy Stole" pattern on the Lion Brand website. I casted on multiples of the seventeen stitches of the pattern until I got a width I liked. Did lace for a few repeats, then stockinette until the ball ran out. Placed that all on holders, and did it again for the second half with a second ball of yarn. Using white sock yarn, I added a few rows of stockinette and some K2tog Yo rows to make holes or "eyelets" to each piece. Then I did a three needle bind off to join them in the middle. Unzipped my provisional cast on rows and added more white stockinette and eyelet rows and casted off. Then I did a round of single crochet all the way around, before adding an edging just to the ends (SC Slip1 in each SC across). I originally did an I cord edging all the way around, and though I loved it on it's own it just did nothing for the sides. Nicer on the ends but too plain in the white. It would have coordinated nicely with the bindoff ridge in the middle of the wrap. If I had known it wasn't going to be used I would have grafted the pieces instead of binding off, but as of yet it doesn't bother me enough to change it right now. I keep talking about making myself a "blocking center". What I want to do is buy pieces of pegboard, and cover them with batting then a layer of felt (or some other 'sticky' material). My plan would be to pin the damp knitted articles on this to block them, then hanging them on end from eye-hooks from the basement cieling to dry. There is a spot in the laundry area that would be perfect, and if it seems too damp down there we have a standing fan that would work a treat. Why would somebody want to go to all that trouble? This is why. Thank goodness there are no pins in there. See what happens? It starts with just laying on it. Then the rolling starts. Then the bunching. If she is really riled up she grabs the lumped up thing and scoots around the house with it. Other times she stomps it then lays on it again. I guess when you are an indoor pug, you have to get your nesting materials where you can. If I put the item UP on something, we have the same scenario only with cats. I can't win.

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