Thursday, June 08, 2006

A little much

To whomever tipped off the karma gods and gave them a map to my location, thanks. Thanks a lot. First there was sickness in the house (DD is well enough for school today, thank goodness. If she didn't get better soon I was going to have to kill her). Then the washing machine started acting funny (every once in a while there is sort of a leak from underneath it. Not the hose hookups, but UNDER it). The microwave died and needs repair or replacement (it is going to cost 48.00 to find out what is wrong with it). Something is going on with the utilities company and we got a disconnection notice, even though as far as I can tell our account is paid in full. DH is playing one of his games and won't help me set it right, which is going to be a big big problem. I figured I better blog before they turn out the lights for good. Then I'm off to shower, because the water is included in that deal. I would have a pity party, only the house is too messy to have anybody over LOL. DD' s teacher informed me this morning that she will not be allowed to make up the work missed while home sick this week. Despite the fact that when I tried to collect her work to do at home, this teacher assured me it was fine, she could do it when she came back, it is no big deal since it is the end of the year. Somewhere between Monday and today something changed and I was not aware of it. Perhaps this is the same rip in the time space continuum that is screwing with our utilities account, who knows. Just last week I had sort of an epiphany. I decided that I was going to start having only POSITIVE thoughts. For the last year at least I have been a bit mired in a downward spiral and it is time to snap myself out of it. I am beginning to think that I AM manic depressive, with really really long cycles. And even if my energy level is a 2, I was going to PRETEND it was a 7 or 8. I used to be in the drama club, I can act. How hard could it be to pretend to be perky? Harder than you would think. Never let the karma gods think that you are perky. Apparently it causes them to smack you down, and pretty hard at that. My epiphany has been effectively crushed, thank you. Maybe I'll be manic next year.

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