Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Look who's talking now.

Talking to the porcelain goddess, that is. DH, the man that laughed in the face of the stomach flu, spent much of his morning hours hurling. Quite loudly. So loud in fact, that DD woke up and got scared. I feel horrible for him, honestly I do. And I feel so responsible, after all I had it first, then DD, and now DH. But I warned him! I kept telling him "Stop touching us! Go wash your hands!". He would touch DD's dirtied laundry, and nibble things that I cooked even though we got strict instructions that he was not to do that, or risk getting it. They weren't kidding either. At one point, to prove that he had the steel constitution of Superman, he LICKED his hand. I said "You are going to be very sorry" and he laughed at me. At four o'clock this morning, DH rolled back into bed from a bout of trying to catch what was coming from one end while trying to contain what was coming from the other, and said (weakly) "I am not laughing any more". So now he is on the couch with a tarp under him, moaning and groaning and generally wishing for death or unconsciousness. Did he think I was faking it all? And of course, we had spaghetti and meatballs yesterday. He wasn't supposed to eat it because I made it (and still I scrubbed all over and wore gloves, because I feel like typhoid Mary and would drink bleach if I thought it would make me feel less germy). It would not be pleasant to 'regift' a meal like that, no sirree. We decided to go to a family party over the weekend. I was fine, DD was feeling good. I made a call to a health hotline to ask how dangerous it was for us to go. I didn't want to make other poeple sick. She said as long as we didn't go around kissing and hugging people and didn't prepare or touch anybody else's food then the risk was low. My one niece however, wouldn't leave DD alone. She kept touching DD's face, taking DD's sweater and putting it over her head, and ate food out of DD's plate. I kept freaking out and making her wash her hands. "Stop touching her! Stand back! You don't want to get sick!". My sister called last night, quite angry, because her child was awake throwing up all night. "You shouldn't have come!". Again, I feel horrible, especially that another child got it. But we still don't know where WE got it from, and had been with the same group of people right before. For all we know she got it from the same person. And the fact that she was calling to let us know DD was exposed to the chicken pox at the same party took the punch out of her argument. Don't yell at me because your child is sick, then tell me 'by the way, our kids all broke out with chicken pox today'. DD has had the chicken pox vaccine, but I am not sure if we can expect her to get it (just mildly?) or if she is protected from it. The last time, we got that same "by the way" call regarding certain children and headlice. The joys of parenting, right? Now that I am pretty much convinced that the advice not to prepare food for others that haven't been sick is quite on the money, all of a sudden there is all this cooking to do. And I can't do it! They needed cookies for DD's last day of school tomorrow, and I can't make them. My other sister needs a birthday cake in the shape of a fish, and I can't make it. My parents want to have a BBQ and need side dishes but I don't dare make something to share. Finally some inspiration for more than just the same drab bland every day dinners, and here I am, a pariah that is not to cook for others lest I spread this horrible illness. Seems kind of unfair. We still have not found the camera. DH remembers taking it out of the camera bag to make room for the 'good camera' when we went out on the week-end. He swears he put it on the desk. No camera there. DD says she never touched it. I have torn apart my desk and turned up nothing. Okay, I turned up a bent bobby pin, a pink measuring tape I thought I had lost in Florida, a few pennies, and a fuzzy mint candy sans wrapper. No camera though. The neon tetra is missing out of the fish tank, perhaps they are together on an adventure. I'll keep you posted.

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