Friday, June 30, 2006

Not a morning person

It is no secret that I am not a morning person. I can PRETEND to be pleasant if I have to. In fact, if I need to be somewhere early many people have commented that I don't seem too out of sorts (as they inspect me closely, perhaps expecting me to bite or something). Of course not! I am not going to be rude to strangers, for goodness sake. Friends and family, maybe. Plus I am much more amenable when I have to be awake, rather than awakened for no good reason. Such as my DH waking me at 5:00am to ask why it is so light out. Or to tell me we are out of bread. Yeah, wake me early to tell me we need groceries, that will go over well. This morning, DD woke up at 7:00 am. No matter how late she goes to bed, she seems to get up between 7:00 and 7:30. She has strict instructions NOT to enter my room until "eight oh oh" under pain of beatings. She wakes early, but she is GRUM-PEE! DH claims to be an early riser, and he may have been 20 years ago. But for the last ten, he sleeps the latest in the house on the week-ends and when he works the afternoon shift. Yes, he gets up earlier when he is on day shift, but he goes to bed earlier as well. I have yet to see him stay up to 2:00am doing laundry or making lunches. But I digress. I would so much rather that she wake HIM when she gets up early. But no, she wakes Mommy every single time. Not gently, either. No gentle pat on the shoulder, soft calling of names. Nope. She pries my eyelids open with sticky fingers and shouts "I want french toast!" into my eyeballs. If that does not work, she starts to bother the dog. Once Ruby gets up, I HAVE to get up or suffer a volley of tongues up the nose, hair pulling, face snotting, and worse. If she jumps off the bed before me, it guarantees she will poop on the floor. Picking up poop is not a pleasant task at any time, but first thing in the morning is the WORST. Poking at the dog guarantees mom gets out of bed. It also guarantees that I will not be in the best of moods for most of the day. This is how I started my day today. And yes, I made french toast, and no she did not want to eat it. "Not that kind of french toast. The kind that is flat, and round". Oh, you mean pancakes? Some days I can get sucked into this and tricked into making as many as four breakfasts before I catch on. She isn't hungry, she is tired but awake and lonely. Cooking keeps me in the kitchen and off the computer and away from WORK. This morning her little tricks did not work. "Eat the french toast you asked for, or get nothing until lunch". She grudgingly ate two or three pieces and has been sulking ever since. Daddy just put SpongeBob on for her, so she should be quiet and happy for at least five minutes. It doesn't help my mood that the cats kept me up all night using my body as a jungle gym. One walked up and down my prone body like it was a log bridge over and over again, and the other kept thumping me in the face with her paw to wake me up so I could pet her. I have bruises on my arm today, where she was "massaging" it last night. The neighbours were out late talking and laughing and whatnot, which always freaks the cats out and make them bother me all night. Storms do the same thing. And the yahoo next door started up his motorcycle and revved it for an hour again this morning, which is what woke DD for sure. That revving sound scares her because she thinks it's thunder. I don't care that the man has a motorcycle, if he would just start it and drive away. But no, he starts it and revs it for an hour, polishes the chrome, then pushes it back into the garage. When the weather is nice this is done once daily, usually early in the morning. When the weather is really nice, we get twice daily shows. Once early in the morning then again around dinner time. In the winter we are spared, but then the autostart on the truck comes into play, and I get to hear his truck revving rythmically for an hour instead. Lord forbid he drive it cold. Is it possible to hate a vehicle? So today DH and DD will eventually wander off the MIL's to mow her lawn and trim her trees and bushes and various other yard duties. Never mind I have to pay somebody to do those things in my own yard, but that is a fight for another day as long as it gets these two out of my hair and the tv off for a couple of hours today. Boy, am I grouchy. Want to come over for a visit? Tee hee!

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