Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Public Service Announcement

The blog has been cancelled today, as Dances can't stay out of the bathroom long enough to type it. There is a sick and whiney child on the couch waiting to have a book read to her, and there is something about a child on the couch with her own blankets and a bucket next to her that just ruins a persons day sometimes. Having conversations with said couched-child while you are stuck in the bathroom makes it even worse. Now add that DH is calling every three and a half minutes to ask how we are doing, and you see how my day has been. And on top of it, MIL keeps calling. You know, to make sure I understand that it is all my fault DD is sick because I am a bad mother due to the fact I don't make her take vitamins and her son was never sick a day in his life (*cough bullshit cough*) and if she was here she would be taking so much better care of the child and there is no possible way I am sick too I am just faking to get out of doing housework........did you get all that? If you need me, I will be in the bathroom. Don't call. The phone is off the hook.

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Anonymous said...

Dances, I really hope you're kidding about your MIL saying that you are pretending to be sick to get out of the housework.

I hope you and dd are feeling better soon. Sorry that you guys are so sick.

Hugs to you and dd.