Thursday, June 29, 2006

The sound of silence

Ah, I love Simon and Garfunkle. Too bad they just can't get along ROFL. Today is DD's first day off school. Next week she gets shipped off each day to Day Camp (a special cooking one that I think she will love love love), but the rest of this week is 'unplanned'. Thank goodness DH came home early, because she was driving me up a wall! As if it isn't bad enough to have children's programming blasting in the background, she fancies herself a true musician and has her "instruments" set up everywhere. A tin bucket (played with wooden spoons), a plastic flute, a tambourine, a carboard box (also played with wooden spoons) and a toy piano. That and the false operatic singing is enough to drive a person insane. And of course, the din is intersperced with 30 second intervals of "I'm bored! I have nothing to do! Come play with me! Let's go wash the car!". The child has a car washing fetish. Never mind the cars look dirtier when she is done than when she started, she can drag a good car washing out for three hours. In which time everything within reach of the hose gets soaped and soaked. Dogs, people, and plants included. But today I just can't sit outside, I am running too much in the background to risk a connection that far. One dropped packet and I am toast. Some of us gotta work, ya know! DH has to ferry MIL around today to do errands, and I managed to convince the child to go with. Ah. Blessed silence! Nothing but bird tweets and dog snores. Heaven. I heard my stomach rumble a few minutes ago, and marveled that the house was THAT quiet. Bliss, I tell you! I don't mind noise ALL the time. You could run a jackhammer behind me and I wouldn't care much. But please don't make a whole bunch of noise and try to talk to me at the same time. Trust me, when I tune things out they are TUNED OUT. You have to practically smack me on the head so I know you expect me to pay attention. And they do (or tap my arm, which makes me snarl) and it ticks me off. Turn off your damn tv show, turn down the radio, and stop banging and THEN talk to me. DD gets mad at me because she asks me things and I ignore her. But I have no way to tell that she has switched from "making her barbies talk to each other" mode to "ask mommy a million questions" mode. Once my tuner is turned, forget it. My favourite, is DH will interrupt me and say "Are you working?". Implying that if I am working never mind, but if I am just playing on the internet then he needs my attention. "Look, you've already interrupted so just tell me what you want". Boy, can I be pleasant *big wide grin*. This morning he woke me up at 6:00am to ask if I remembered to make his lunch. A safer option would have been to check the fridge himself, in which case he would not have the alarm-clock shaped dent in his head from me whipping it at him. And if I hadn't remembered, he would do well to remember himself that waking me at that hour to ask me to make him one is also a poor choice. Then going on to make so much noise that the child is awoken and does not go back to sleep is bad bad bad. She was up until 10 as a special treat, waking her at 6 am does not bode well for a child that NEEDS 12 hours sleep to be civil. So as a punishment today since he does not have to work, he gets to cart her around with him. And she just LOVES running errands - bwa ha ha haaaa! Bring that kid to the post office, and you would think she was being physically tortured. She is immediately hungry, thristy, has to pee, has to poop, her feet hurt from standing, and are we almost FINISHED yet? DH has to go to the post office, the bank, the lawyers, and the hair dresser. Is it wrong that I am giggling right now? Hard? We have booked our pedicures for next week-end. Well, I am getting a pedicure. She is just getting polish on fingers and toes. No way is she going to let somebody massage her leg or anything LOL. The girl was really nice, and took all of DD's information just like she was an adult client. I have been quite proud lately, how well DD has been behaving some places. She has always been pretty good, if impatient and high maintenance. But she answers questions politely and clearly. She doesn't run around or touch things she shouldn't. My little lady she is. She seemed concerned about colours so they showed her the rack of polish she could choose from when she came. Her little eyes lit right up, to see all those bright colours. There was one row of odd colours like black, blue, green. She looked shyly at me and asked if she could pick ANY colour (I know she is eying the black for her fingers LOL). And I said ANY colour you want. Then they said she could have sparkles and jewels too if she wanted. There is something about sparkles that just make females happy. Unless we have to clean them up, in which case they are evil incarnate. I want to do the pedicure first so we can feel the place out, but their rates for massage are very good and you have a choice of an RMT or a masseuse. With my back injury and nerve damage I prefer an RMT. But from what I saw, it seems clean and professional and discrete. I don't like the idea of sitting in a window with my feet all hanging out, like at some places. Too open. Sure, I walk around bare foot. But this is somebody TOUCHING my feet. It just seems wrong to do that sitting out in the open (oh come on, we already knew I had issues). The worst part so far, is I have to buy myself some flip-flops, as they insist on them for pedicures. DD is set. But not only do I not own flip flops, it is impossible for me to walk in them. I can't really feel my feet (unless they are touched or stepped on, in which case I feel it loud and clear), and I have trouble keeping flip flops or slip-on on my foot. I feel like I have to arch it or tense it funny, which usually leads to instant foot cramps. But c'est la vie. Who cares if I will look like a spastic rooster with a fear of heights, I'll have beautiful toes, right?

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parhelia said...

I have nothing to say, really, other than: you are SO funny! I'm seriously ROFL here.