Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Come sing me to sleep

Back to not sleeping well again. Can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep, and it seems as soon as I do, it is time to get up. My eyeballs felt all dried out like little raisins this morning. One of those days when I wish I could take them out and rinse them, or soak them for a while LOL. As you can see in the picture, I am the only one here having trouble sleeping. Scooby has no problem at all. In fact, he is sleeping on a fancy pillow, covered by a lovely napkin that was supposed to be a gift for me, and has an armadillo for company and protection. I wonder if Ruby would wear an armadillo costume? DH is going through his stuff and dividing and pricing it - we hope to have a yard sale this week-end. We HAVE to have it, as I have taken out an ad in the paper and around here, if you take out an ad then don't have the sale it can get pretty ugly. Our neighbours had one and said it would start at 8:00. At 7:15 garage-salers were lined up outside their door and pretty heated that the stuff wasn't out yet. I am a little afraid. I don't think DH has been to many yard sales. Some of the prices he is putting on things are outrageous. "It's a collectors item". Yeah, maybe for Sanford and Son. And it's broken. Ten dollars on DD's viedoes, which are single episodes of shows like Blue's Clues and Teletubbies, and are five years old. Nope, they can buy brand new ones for that....one dollar each. He nearly hit the roof! One dollar? It's not worth carting them up and out for one dollar, blah blah blah. Look babe, I am not trying to get rich. I am trying to make room in the basement for the crap that belongs down there and is currently crapping up the rest of the house. ONE DOLLAR. And nobody is going to pay 25.00 for our old chandelier. It was 19.99 brand new, and it no longer even looks as bad as it did when we bought the house. Five dollars is more like it, only because it works and I hand beaded the shades. He is in for a big let down and possibly a stroke when somebody offers him a dollar for the broken clock radio with a 10.00 sticker on it. This guy needs to get out more! *Cripes! His screen saver just came on, a bubbling aquarium, and scared the doodles out of me. I thought the wall behind me sprung a leak. I think DD turned the volume up to play one of her games last night.* DD is none to happy about selling any of her stuff, but I told her she could have her own table, and use any money to start a "hamster fund". You see, when she was like four, she asked for a hamster. And instead of just saying no and facing the tirade, DH said "When you are older. When you are eight". He figured she would forget about it. Silly silly man. She has NOT forgotten about it. In fact, she has brought it up at least once per day since then, and she is six now. I've explained that hamsters cost money, and you have to buy a cage and toys and food and all sorts of things, and this way it will be 100% HER VERY OWN HAMSTER if she buys it with her own money. So far, it is working. We'll keep an eye on her though, to make sure she doesn't try to sell her good jewelry or my silverware or anything. Plus I figure, who is going to pass by a little girl with the face of an angel, selling her worldly goods for a hamster? And I already have stuff to go in the place where her vidoes were stored so they gotta be OUTTA here. I have to go through my books. I have books I collect (Steven King, Ray Bradbury, Isaac Assimov) and I have books that I just have. They need to be separated. Whatever I am keeping goes back into storage until I get the bookshelves I want. The ones I can part with will go out, and whatever is left over at the end of the day goes to the used book store for credit. Which we will use to buy books for DD. I also have cookbooks that I love to sit and read, though I rarely ever actually follow a recipe. But I love love love to read cookbooks. Give me a good cookbook and a cup of coffee and some knitting, and I can waste an entire day. But don't startle me, because when I get like that I forget to take bathroom breaks, and snapping me out of my trance causes an instant and urgent need to pee. Don't say I didn't warn you! Some craft supplies that we won't use (a few silk flowers, other odds and ends). Baby items (a car seat, a carrier, that sort of thing). Some kitchen items that we don't use and don't have room for or have been replaced but are too good to throw out. The usual stuff, I guess. Heck, I haven't been to a yard sale in ages myself. DH asked if I am going to sell any yarn or any pattern books. I dare say the look of shock and horror I gave him might suffice, but just in case I am keeping an eye on him as well. One move for the yarn, and he gets it. Speaking of yarn. I know I said I was going to stick to christmas gifts. But I need a purse and can't find what I want. I lucked into some 100% wool at a good price (and actual wool is very very hard to find here) and decided that it was time to try felting. No real pattern, although I started it using the Booga bag for inspiration. I just wish I could have found a bit of wool in lipstick pink, to add a bit. I might add some frou frou something on the top edge in that respect. So a few more rows, and I have a date with a zippered pillow case and the washing machine. If something goes horribly wrong, and the washer breaks, remember...I was with you and we went yard sale-ing as research for Saturday. Got it?


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