Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Come weed my garden, dammit!

Boy, this is the month for fed-uppedness. I have a "Yard Guy". I hired him last year to mow and trim and weed and keep the yard looking nice in general. He did an EXCELLENT job, his rates were fine, he was punctual and we never had to wait or anything. This year? His rates have doubled and it is like pulling teeth to get him here. He misses appointments and keeps me waiting for weeks. It is not a money problem, it's not like I dicker with him over prices. I pay whatever he says and sometimes I even tip. But still, I have a garden that looks like this. I simply cannot do it myself at this point, DH refuses (and he can't tell a weed from a plant anyhow). Money is not the object, I just wish he would GET HERE or show up when he says he will. Today it is drizzling so he most likely won't be here. Sure, I don't expect a gardener to work when the conditions are dangerous with thunder and lightning. But it's just intermittent showers. I think there is something else going on with this guy, and he shows up here when he needs money desperately. This is his last chance, though. He has two more days, and I am calling in somebody else. In happier news, the main part of the purse is done. It is not perfect, I made no attempt to keep the stripe from "jogging" where the rounds join. I did a few cross-overs in the corners at the bottom to sort of shore them up, not sure what will happen when it is felted. At the edge I did a round of increases in each stitch, which will hopefully result in a bit of a ruffled edge after the shrinking. I wove a piece of sparkly pink yarn near the top row. It is not wool, and will not shrink or felt. I hope it makes an interesting effect when the purse is done. Just a bit of pink sparkle is always a good thing. The piece I had was only a few feet long. I haven't been knitting long enough to know if I had enough to double it with the natural colour and make it all the way around. So I chose to just weave it in and out instead and I really really like how it looks. Almost like little rosettes. So now I just have to make about 5-6 feet of I-cord for the handle and we can start the felting! I have knitted I cord once or twice. No way am I going to survive 5-6 feet of it using DPN's. There would be casualties for sure. Too easy to damage myself. First there are the pointy things about the right length to hit brain matter or the heart (depending on where you do the piercing). Then add a few feet of a rope like substance......I see a rudimentary garrot in the making. Nope, not taking any chances. I have a "bobbin knitter"...a thing that kind of looks like an old thread spool with tiny nails around the top. It is cute and fun and much less dangerous than DPNs. Then again, it does have that little pokey thing to flip the yarn around.....


latibug said...

Dances -

I love your blog. I check everyday for a new update...except weekends because I understand the need for freedom and a break.

I have a knitting hard it is to learn? I am wanting to learn a new hobby and knitting has always held interest for me.


DancesInGarden said...

Thank you, Latibug! I sent you an email as well.

It is not hard to learn at all. There are only two stitches in knitting, believe it or not. Once you know those, it is just a matter of following directions (and therein lies the problem if you are me ;).

My first project was a sweater for my daughter. If I can pick up two sticks and a ball of string and produce a sweater, anybody can do it!