Thursday, July 20, 2006

Even babies and dogs spit it out

Ruby had a rough night. While I was reading DD her bedtime story, Ruby was busy biting her toy squirrel (and biting that squirrel is rapture for her. She closes her eyes and sighs and you can tell she just loves it). Sometimes she gags on her toys, and she did, and threw up on DD's bed. PANDELERIUM. And to make it worse, it was DD's favourite bedding. Upset is not the word for how despondent she was last night. Of course, she wanted the dog nowhere near her after that. Later in the night she threw up two more times, but was fine after that. Now, I've had a lot of dogs in my life time. And dogs throw up. Often. Sometimes they eat grass. Sometimes they eat something wonderfully stinky that does not agree with them later on. Sometimes they gag on toys. And sometimes they just throw up. And usually, they go on about their day like nothing happened. They sort of look at the mess, and kind of go "What the heck? Where did that come from?". And Ruby does that surprise thing too. But of all the dogs I ever had, when she gets sick she LOOKS sick afterwards. Ears down, face drooped, tail limp. She sort of skulks around with her head low, and batts her eyelashes at me to get sympathy. Sometimes, if DH is home, she will come to me and hide behind my legs or jump on my lap and hide her face. He has never yelled or punished her when this happens, but she gets so ashamed and hides with mummy. Poor thing. So that was our excitement for the night. DH is not impressed with the light saber photo. He said you can't tell by looking that they glow. So, like idiots we went into the downstairs bathroom and turned off the light and tried taking another picture. Giggling like nutballs. Anybody have an extra stamp? Good. Mail me a life, will ya? The result, well, not exciting and no sense posting. The flash lights up the room like daylight and you would never know the lights were off. If anything, the saber glows LESS. I fiddled with the camera for 10 minutes trying to turn the flash off before giving up. They have idiot proofed this camera so well that this idiot can't change any of the settings. All automatic. Who'd-a-thought that would be a problem. Took a bit of a stroll around the yard today. This is one of my favourite bushes. It isn't VERY special at first glance. It is nice enough. It has coloured branches which add interest when the leaves are off or small. The leaves are a nice shape and a good, bright green. But it is the flowers that I love love love. Not day-glo in colour. Not the size of a dinner plate. Just graceful white butterflies perching on the tips of the branches. There is something so clean and graceful about it. Like one of those studio apartments with white walls and wood floors and one or two things in it - and you are surprised that it feels warm and welcoming, not cold and sparse like you would expect. The red mulch and the grey stones are good counterpoints. You can see my lavender peeking out behind it. Just missed the blooms, which is a pity because they are so lovely. Let's just say I wasn't kneeling in the hornets in 95 degree weather to grace us all with a pic. I need a camera with a telephoto lense. This is a named variety rose called "Krystal" that was a christening present for DD. We almost lost it due to black spot and a poor movement decision, but it seems my coddling and new protected spot might have been successful. Believe me, teasing two branches out of that dead rootstock is a victory for me. I am hoping that next year it will continue to grow and gain strength, and return to the glory it once had. The full bloom is about three inches across. In the melee I lost three other roses. Two named varieties and one a custom hybrid made especially for me by a friend. It never did bloom for me, and the black spot was just too much and did it in. The guilt - the GUILT. But he is working on a double old fashioned rose that has a creamy center with yellow and red streaked petals. It smells divine, and produces gigantic hips. Alas, it may be years before it is ready for me. After all, it practically has to be bullet proof to survive here LOL. Don't let me forget to go and check for zuchini today. They were just two inches long the last time I looked, but it has rained since then. I don't want to find any monster zuchini lurking the garden, poised to seize unsuspecting children and dogs as they walk by. My inch long cucumbers are.....still an inch long. I am convinced they will spring to full grown the moment I am on the plane to Chicago. I will come home to bloated, orange, overripe cucumbers not fit for man nor beast. I wonder if I still have that bread-and-butter pickle recipe that calls for "over grown" cucumbers. There are more little green tomatoes out there, which gives me hope. And lots of new blossoms. I don't think there is much risk of all my tomatoes ripening and falling while I am gone. I am a good few weeks away before they start to blush. Darn our growing season! Dh has promised to check every day while I am gone, but we all know how that goes. He can't find the ketchup on the fridge door. There isn't much hope he will find a camouflaged zucchini hiding under the leaves. Plus the plants are picky, so the first time he gets scratched will be the last time he goes back there. SOMEHOW I managed to miss the newest episode of Project Runway. I just can't figure out what night it is on. TV Lineup challenged I am. If the fate of the world rested on me remembering what night my programs were on, we could kiss our collective butts goodbye. I found out by accident who was voted off though. The tv is on in the background and he was just interviewed on a morning talk show. I covered my ears and went "la la la" so I wouldn't hear too much. Maybe I can find a rerun somewhere. In other news, I have managed to fanagle a hair appointment with my hair artiste, Vito. Not sure what I am going to do with DD while I am there, but even if I have to hire a nanny I will not miss that appointment. I can't go to Chicago with GREY ROOTS, no sirree. Sheesh, no more business trips. Between clothes and hair and airport magazines and new knitting projects for travelling I can't afford it ;).


Grokodile said...


Go for the low tech route! Put your finger over the flash instead of the customary lens blocking position.


chancesmom said...

Hi dances

I am chancesmom! love reading your blog, and wearing the same shoes really only just makes sense-go for it!

The Cookbook Junkie said...

Bravo shows Project Runway everyday here. Yet I still stay up past my bedtime to watch the first airing on Wednesday nights.