Monday, July 03, 2006

Great Canada Day

We had an awesome Canada day. We had a nice day at home, with DD playing in the sprinkler then a bbq dinner (okay, the dinner was edible but not much more than that. Still working on the whole bbq chicken thing). Dh finally convinced me that he wouldn't set the house on fire with fireworks, which called for a visit to a fireworks tent. Perfectly legal, and I am over the age limit, although I still felt like some kind of criminal ROFL. We bought a "noiselss kids pack" because DH already had some he inherited from his father that were noisy. My sister and her Dh and kids, and my brother came to see the show. The rest of the family was travelling. When I was younger, holidays like this were spent camping at a trailer park in Grand Bend Ontario. We were never home to plan things. I remember a few times having fireworks in our back yard (remember those spinny things that got nailed to a tree or fence? Those were my all time favourite). But mostly we were gone on long week-ends. Not so much into camping now, I would rather stay home. We had such a good time that we plan to make a day of it next year, having a bbq and fire along with the fireworks. Now. When it comes to anything noisy or dealing with fire in any way I am a big chicken. We hosed down the yard and trees, DD's play equipment, the fence and flower beds, and the shed. And still, I insisted on a bucket of water, a pail of sand, and the hose to be at the ready. DH filled a planting flat with dirt to use as his "barge", and it worked out really well. As for arranging and lighting them, he used the "light the fuse and run like heck routine" which worked out well for him LOL. Not only am I a wimp about noise and fire, so is my daughter, sister, niece, and my nephew somewhat. Before each one we would ask "is it noisy?" and if it was we would retreat under the sun shade. Yeah, hide under an acre of fabric that would probably go up in flames instantly. We may be scared, but we aren't smart apparently. Seeing these things being set off in a field is one thing. But in a small yard with them going off right over your head, well, it's kind of nerve wracking. I am pretty sure we thought we would be rained with sparks, but that never happened. We had only one dud, that blew the top off the cylander which then plopped down on DD's slide and continued to burn. It was put out instantly and expertly by my brother, and the slide is no worse for the wear. The finale was something called "Flying Blue Fish". We weren't sure what to expect, although it was part of the noiseless pack. It was the biggest one in there, which is why we saved it for last. Dh considered setting off a couple of small noisy ones at the same time, but when he tried to do more than one at a time earlier in the lineup, he had trouble lighting and getting the heck out of the way in time, so decided not to. So there we all were, standing there for the finale. And DH sets it off, and off it goes with a huge BANG then...........nothing. First, we were startled because there wasn't supposed to be any noise and that was a very large bang. Then we figured it was a dud because nothing happened after that. Just as we all took a breath to do a dissapointed awwwww.......ZZZZRRROOOING! A point of light appeared above our heads and expanded outward in a large circle of dazzling white lights and blue squigglies chased by more white rings. It was beautiful. Too bad we were all horrified and struck dumb with terror. Have you ever seen a movie where vampires are exposed to sunlight? They shield their eyes with hands outstretched like claws, and cower staring helplessly upward - eyes vacant and large with pure terror? Yeah, that's pretty much what we looked like when that sucker spread out. There was a good long delay between detonation and effect, and that canopy of light was BIG. I can still hear that sizzling sound as it spread out above our heads, like something from a sci-fi movie. Once we realized that no, there hadn't been a nuclear explosion and that it was just "blue flying fish" we laughed ourselves silly like the bunch of idiots we are. And I still giggle uncontrollably when I think about it. Next year, I think we will go out to a field near our house so we can enjoy our explosions from a more civilized distance, and not spook like horses over every spark and noise. Afterwards, they all left and we had a small fire to cook hotdogs and marshmallows. DD fell asleep on a lounge chair waiting for her hotdog, so DH and I just sat for a while watching the fire, and enjoying the quietness of the night. Well, at least until the party our neighbours were having spilled out into their yard and onto the street. We took that as our cue to get inside before the drunken rampages and inebriated fireworks started. Good thing too, several of their fireworks landed smouldering on our patio when they tipped as they were being set off. Oh well, all's well that ends well, no permanent damage, and a good time was had by all.

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