Monday, July 17, 2006

I am no longer allowed to make decisions

This is what my husband has decided. You see, yesterday one of DD's little friends called and asked to come over and play. And then DD asked if she could stay for dinner. Then I figured because they both went to the same day camp this week, heck, why not have her overnight. It was a spiral of death into the depths of hell, really. My mind said "how bad can it be? At worst there will be a lot of giggling and a pile of barbie dolls in every room". When will I learn that if one voice in my head has to try and convince the other voices that something is a good idea, it rarely is. Now, the child that came over was wonderful. A little piece of angel food cake. She said please and thank you, was relatively quiet, ate what was on her plate (and asked for seconds of salad and veggies), brought her plate to the counter when she was done, and told me that I was nice because I cut the crust off her sandwiches for her lunch today. It was our daughter that was the problem. She was bossy. She was mean. She wouldn't share her toys. She cried and screamed and ranted and raved and made her friend feel bad and unwanted. I was furious! It made for a very long night, because I had to referree a lot. Finally I took DD aside and had a very stern talk to her (and she got a bit of a spanking, which is laughable but it worked). After that she was all smiles and politeness and was gracious to her guest. She was just over stimulated, I think and needed a bit of a break from "togetherness". She needn't worry, she will have a nice long break because I won't be stupid enough to do this again for a while, voices be damned. Another thing I think that helped cause her melt down, is that Ruby absolutely loves this little friend. She constantly sneaks over to give her kisses and wag her tail at her and give her a good roo-ing. She lies on the floor inches away from her feet and gives her adoring snorts and sighs of contentment. Ruby loves DD too, but they have this whole "mommy rivalry" going on which kinds of gets in the way some times. But with this little friend, there is none of that. In fact, after getting them both off to day camp this morning, Ruby was positively crestfallen. I keep saying "Stop looking like I killed our dog. The kids are at DAY CAMP. We didn't eat them!". Ruby is not so sure. This is the child that seems to get hurt standing still in a padded room. The last time she was here she slipped going down the stairs and scraped her back. Then she banged her head, and managed to fall more than once - just right off her feet. I threatened to wrap her in bubble wrap until her mom came to get her, lest she hurt herself more LOL. And of course, this time, she is not unscathed. DD got her just under the eye with the corner of a book. It was an accident, but I can tell you my child has gotten ME more than once with book corners. She's what we call 'a little flingy'. Doesn't have a real awareness of things and people in her proximity. Her eyes have been checked and it is not her eyesight, and truthfully DH is the same way. He has dripped hot coffee on me walking by, stepped on me millions of times. And when he smoked I used to get SO MAD because he would bump me with the heater end and burn my clothes or flick ashes without watching where they went - not fun getting ashes in the eye on a windy day. But a little ice and a 'boo-boo kiss' and she is none the worse for wear. I think DH nearly had a heart attack when she started crying though. Amidst all of this insanity (and more changes of clothes than you can shake a stick at - what is it about girls of that age and constantly changing their outfits??) I managed to felt my purse! One trip in the washer did it. I am sure it would have shrunk more, but I wanted it to be a certain size and am quite thrilled with it. Now I have to wait for it to dry, and it might take up to a week. I am not good at waiting. This could be very much bad.

The handles are a bit shorter than I wanted, but they will stretch (especially once I put weight in there). And if I made one more inch of cord I was surely going to commit damage to myself in some way. The handles are just pulled through and knotted, so if it really does turn out they are way too short, I can change them later on. I would really really really have to hate their length to do that though. Five feet of cord nearly did me in, for sure I would lose it after making ten. Pray that the handles are long enough...for my own good.

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latibug said...

My DD's are the same way when they have friends over. They beg and beg and beg for them to come over and then turn into bossy little people that I don't recognize.

Glad that you finished your purse. It is too cute.

I might take the plunge and try knitting this next weekend. My DH is out of town and I have the kids occupied and two whole days off, so I might try it...wish me luck!