Friday, July 07, 2006

I wanna be a pirate

Okay, there I said it. I want to be a pirate. I want to wear puffy shirts and tight leather pants with a big belt (and a buckle made from a real working pistol) and boots that go up to 'here'. And an eye patch. And a big hat. And I want to be able to wear a hankerchief on my head and only one big earring and not have people LOOK at me like that. Being able to swashbuckle and sail the high seas and pillage, well, those are just fringe benefits. I wanna be a pirate for the fashion. Tee hee! Never mind what brought that on, I just had to get it off my chest. I feel so much better....don't you? At DD's day camp today, they were to dress as their favourite super hero. I offered to make whatever costume DD wanted, but she kept saying it was not necessary. Not so much as a towel for a cape. I figured, she doesn't really KNOW any superheroes. Batman, Superman, Bat Girl, Wonderwoman, they are all before her time and she hasn't really had any exposure to them. When we got there for sign in, they asked why she didn't dress up. She smiled real big and said "I AM dressed up". We all exchanged looks, kids are just odd LOL. So she explained "This is my alter-ego outfit....I'm dressed as myself". Alrighty then. I would like to say I don't know where she gets it from, but we all know the truth. I FINALLY mailed off the fruit hats, two each. I have been tempted to try a few more, but Christmas is looming and there are presents I haven't even started yet. Hard choices my friends, hard choices. Another hard choice I had to make, was to give away the last of the basket of local nectarines I have been eating every day. A basket of nectarines is just too much for one person, no matter how many times I insist I can eat that many with no ill effects. If you don't know what happens when a person eats too many nectarines (or cherries, or tomatoes, get the picture) then keep it that way and make wise choices when you eat. Trust me on that one. They weren't even all that great either, which made the fact that I was eating so many even harder to rationalize. Not sweet nor complex enough for jam, so off they went. Wasn't that nice? Foisting off less-than-stellar nectarines on unsuspecting people? In my defence it was just payback to my parents for the sweet cherries they brought, picked right after heavy rains so they were plump and ripe and completely flavourless. But even a bad sweet cherry is a good cherry ROFL. Plus you get to spit the pits at people. Tommorow is the big day........PEDICURE! I get a pedicure, DD gets fingers and toes painted. We are both so excited. Of course, I was instructed to get flip-flops and I haven't even looked for any yet. I have this odd notion that I work best under pressure (I don't) and always leave things to the last minute. Or, I get so worked up over something that I finish way too early then the finish is so anti-climatic. There is no middle ground....ever. Funny, you would think swinging like a pendulum would be good exercise, but not so much. Like my jungle? The only half way tame part are the cherry tomatoes in the half-barrels LOL. Hope the yard guy comes soon, we could lose children and dogs in there.

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