Monday, July 10, 2006

Lovely and Hot Hot HOT!

It was a beautiful, if steaming, week-end. I did something yesterday I have not done in years. I really enjoyed it. It was exciting and exhilerating. I really worked up a sweat, and can't wait to do it again except my butt hurts. I went for a bike ride! (What did you think I was talking about?). Of course, from now on I will refer to bike rides as a "whore tour". You see, DH has inherited the two bikes from his parents trailer (which MIL is trying to sell). Not cool, speedy, and streamlined bikes. Old people comfort bikes that are rusty and well used. And seeing that is just our speed, we have no problems with that LOL. DH was happy to get his dad's old bike. He has wanted for a while to start riding again but didn't want to buy a new bike or anything. The bike he got is gigantic, red, and gleamingly shiny. The other bike, the women's bike, not so much. Very dirty and rusty, but still in good stable condition. All it needs is a wash and some air in the tires (and we've already taken care of the air part). When they drove to the trailer park to pick them up, DH fully expected to give his mom HER bike, and he would take his dad's bike. But that turned out not to be, as she wanted NOTHING to do with it. "What am I going to do with it?". Um, ride it around the block maybe? "Oh sure. I should ride this bike out where people can see me? On display like a common whore? No thank you. Give it to your wife, she will get use out of it". Now, I know I am ultra sensitive when it comes to MIL. And I know that DH is pretty dead when it comes to those same senses. But there are corpses 20 years in the ground that gasped at that offensive, insulting sentence. DH of course, has no idea what I am talking about and says I always take things the wrong way. Yeah, well that's the problem with us whores....we are thin skinned. My first reaction was to have nothing to do with the bike. But DD did me in. She has a new bike and is dying to ride it but just can't learn how. I can't do the "hold the bike and run" thing, and DH doesn't have the patience to teach something like this. "Now that you have a bike, we can go riding together, can't we mommy?" she said, voice quivering, gorgeous eyes filling with tears. How the hell am I going to resist THAT? Of course, darling. Mommy will keep the bike and we can go riding together. Then we hopped in the car and got her some training wheels. I don't care if people think she is too old for them. She's only six for goodness sake. I have never seen a teenager yet with training wheels, a year or two more isn't going to damage her. And besides, once she gets confidence with the new bike she will be more willing to try without them, methinks. There is a bike/walking path near our house, so that is where we headed. Each of us on bikes. DH in the lead, DD in the middle, and me trailing to make sure she didn't disappear or get into trouble LOL. My one leg was a bit of a nuisance, but not as bad as I had feared and it didn't slow me down too much. My back was fine. My rear, however, needs work. I think I have to get one of those freaky gel seats. Since the back surgery and nerve damage, certain areas have atrophied. No, my butt itself has not shrunk. In fact, some parts have gotten larger as smaller, less used muscles grew to replace the function of bigger muscles that were no longer functioning. So now it is bigger on top, and flatter underneath. And all my padding that used to keep me comfy as I sat has disappeared. I need a wedge cushion to sit on an easy chair for more than a few minutes, is that sad or what? And now that you know more about my patoot than you were ever meant to know......tee hee! And I also have to get a helmet, as the by-laws in our city demand it. I don't mind. DH hates the idea of wearing one because it will make him look like a dork and flatten his hair. I have succumbed so far into melvin-ness, that a helmet and helmet hair can do NOTHING to me my friend. Come on, I am 34, knit in public, and wear a pair of pants with "Canada" across my big wide flat backside out of the house. A helmet is nothing. Just a note for those who are wondering, our "spa day" turned out very well. DD was well behaved and just glowed the whole time. They did her toes and fingers, black polish with sparkles on top. Hey, she chose the colour and I DID tell her she could pick whatever she wanted LOL. Of course, she has been swimming since, and most of it is gone already. But it was the EXPERIENCE that is important, right? I enjoyed my pedicure, and I like the look of my polished toes. So I guess I am going back. Not sure I enjoyed all parts of it though, she seemed a little rough. But I do have strange feet. Some parts I can't feel and other parts seem ultra-sensitive because my skin is paper thin. But you know us whores..............


lorifromutah said...

Bicycle Whore?
Now THAT's a new one for me.
Did MIL go into any details to justify this observation?

I have the cheecky seat on my airdyne bike. It looks funny, I know but my bummy doesn't hurt after I've ridden a few miles.


Anonymous said...


Get thee to a bike shop. Tell them you want the most comfortable seat they have. Mine's something like the "cloud" seat (as in cloud 9). I'm accross the river, so you should be able to get one there.