Friday, July 21, 2006

Return of the Jedi

Or it would be, but I refuse to call him that. He can call DD "Padwan" all he wants, but I absolutely refuse to refer to him has "Master" or "Jedi". Because that is just TOO odd. And he
would never be a Jedi anyway. He can't focus for long enough to remember the names of the people in a three hour movie, how can he focus enough to have the force? Some smart aleck suggested that I cover the flash with my finger when taking the picture. Now do you understand what I mean, when I say for a reasonably intelligent person I am not so smart? It never even
occured to me that I could cover the darn thing. The pictures turned out much better.
This morning we woke to DD sitting patiently in her room - fully dressed, hair brushed, teeth brushed, face washed waiting for us to show signs of life. She got up and got ready on her own, hoping that she and her father could have a light sabre battle before she left for day camp. I am
a little frightened by all of that, just so you know.
I had my appointment yesterday with the Hair Artiste. When I tried to get in he was fully booked, but they had a cancellation. They seemed rushed, usually it takes two hours. I went from brown and mousey to blonde bombshell in a record one hour last night. His assistant was downright dangerous with his comb - rip rip rip! I was like HEY. I would like a hair left for you to colour, if you don't mind. The results are worthwhile however. And it isn't just lovely daughter came and patted my hair and said "Oh, it is so nice and YELLOW" roflmao. She likes when I have yellow hair the best, she informed me. Dh liked it too, but we won't discuss his reaction. I've never claimed this blog was completely safe, but I do like to keep it somewhat PG13. *Now let's all sing the "TMI" song together* So now I have bought new clothes, done my nails, paid way more money than a person should ever pay to get my hair coloured, and bought new songs for my ipod. These trips are getting too expensive, and DH is getting suspicious. "You never colour your hair for me. You don't do your nails for me" and so on. I told him that he doesn't have the power to promote me or give me a big fat juicey raise, so shut up and deal LOL. And DD echoed "Yeah daddy, just deal". Tee hee! Perhaps I should watch what I say while she is in earshot. So short blog today, I have a lot to do to get myself, the house, and the rest of the occupants ready for next week. I am relatively sure I can blog while on the road, but in case something happens and I cannot - have a wonderful week!

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Anonymous said...

We your loyal followers demand a picture of the new "yellow" bombshell!