Thursday, August 31, 2006

Be careful what you wish for

See, I have been whining all these days that I can't vacuum, and DD tries but it is really too heavy for her. And to the person that mentioned the Roomba, I agree. We have one and I absolutely love it. The animals love it too, the follow it around like little baby ducks. I do admit I get the shivers when it goes in and out under the couch though, I don't know why but that bothers me a little LOL. I had a good schedule going. One day the livingroom and kitchen, the next day I bring it upstairs and drop it to do the hallway and what it could of the bedrooms. Love those little "virtual wall" thingies. However, this is what is wrong with my roomba: See that pink lamp in the corner? The Roomba lives under the table it is sitting on. I can't get to it, and it can't get out. And even if it could, the livingroom is a lost cause. Did you think I was joking about the stuff from the garage sale still being there??? Sadly it is worse than I even let on, to be sure. What the Roomba does not do, is corners and stairs. With two cats and a dog that shed their weight in a day, and a daughter that seems to emit confetti, sparkles, and shreds of kleenex like some girly version of pigpen, you would be horrified how quickly the corners and edges and stairs get disgusting. Last night after dinner, DH said he was going to vacuum. I was so excited I almost went and got dressed up, it isn't every day the vacuum comes out of the closet! I was putting dishes away and heard it start, very far off. What on earth is he......NOT THE BASEMENT! Yes, he used our good vacuum to suck up drywall dust. So now, we have NO vacuum. That is right, he killed my vacuum. It was a nice vacuum, and really not a good time for it to die. He said the filter kept getting he removed it. As soon as he tried it like that, "it stopped sucking". If I could get to the engine parts I am sure they look mummified at this point, covered in cat hair and drywall dust. I was annoyed, I won't deny it. But I had to suppress a small moment of glee - I really didn't like that vacuum and wanted a new one anyway. But it was too new to just chuck. Now I have a good reason to get a better one! A much better one, going by the look of guilt on DH's face when he told me he broke it. Oh, why is it MY vacuum? We had an old upright that was too heavy for me to budge. I wanted something smaller, he insisted he would use that one - but we all know how often that relic got drug out and pushed around. Almost never. The bags were all but impossible to find, in fact the last one we got on ebay and paid enough for a new vacuum. Finally I got disgusted with it all and bought myself a new vacuum to use when I needed it. It was light, bagless, and had an attached hose and onboard tools. Should have been perfect, but there were issues. It was hard to maneouver for all it's lightness. It's almost like it would suction to the floor and I couldn't push it. When you changed the toggle to "hose" the suction was so hard the hose would contract and you could barely stretch it. It was short to begin with so that was a problem. I have learned my lesson and know what to look for in a vacuum this time ;). Anyway, when DH wanted to use it he always came and asked if he could use MY vacuum, so that is what we named it. I know we are odd. This is news? One of the agreements we made, was that by the end of the holiday weekend that mess in the livingroom had to be moved/disposed of/whatever. His choices are to move the items in the new storage area to make room for that crap, make his mother take her stuff back, or he could transport it all to Value Village and donate it. It just needs to get OUT of my living room. Funny, DH listed he hated how I got stuff from the garden and piled it everywhere. They don't stay there long - just until I can contend with them - but it drives him insane to see tomatoes and cucumbers and herbs spread out everywhere. He also hates how I put things ON things. Like I will put something on a table rather than the floor. Like the laundry basket will end up on the kitchen table. Or the case of toilet paper goes on the cabinet until I can put it away. "If I put it on the floor I may never be able to pick it up again". Oh. Okay, now he gets it LOL. I listed that he doesn't put things away, but piles them, and always right in the way. The middle of the doorway, in the center of the hallway, right at the entrance of a room, on the staircase. "That is so I will remember to move it". I have been stepping over the same circular saw for ten years in the basement to get to the freezer. If you haven't remembered to put it away yet, there is no hope you will anytime soon! And he needs to learn how to pile properly as well. Bigger things on the bottom, smaller things on the top and not the other way around. He likes to stack things, balancing precariously, with breakables and spillables right where they can make the most mess when it all comes toppling down. Oh, and I spill another bowl of cereal milk on myself thinking it is an empty bowl, and they are both banned from cereal forever. Bring up your own dishes, scrape or dump any contents, and load in the dishwasher or pile neatly on the counter (keeping note of proper stacking techniques, please). Better yet, if the dishwasher is full of clean dishes, empty then reload it. If it is full of dirty dishes, run it. But that might be too much too soon. My mother "won" a night in a posh hotel here, and cannot use it because she agreed to watch my oldest sister's two girls. So she offered it to DH and I, and she will take DD overnight to spend time with her cousins. My other sister offered to take Ruby for the night, just so she won't have to wait for her breakfast the next morning. No way am I getting up early and coming home to feed the dog LOL. We will have dinner in the restaurant there, maybe walk around downtown. I hear their pool is really nice - I might even go swimming. I think maybe if Dh and I have some time to talk, away from the oppressive piles of junk threatening to close in on us, we might make more progress. Or maybe we won't, but I will have the chance to sleep in a king size bed with no animals on my head, and no danger of inhaling polly pocket shoes for an evening. And I will for SURE be dressing for dinner.


Anonymous said...


I'm glad you and DH are at least on the same page for now. I know all about the "honeymoon" period of time after a fight.

I'd like to recommend two books for BOTH you and DH to read:

"Love Busters" and
"His Needs, Her Needs,"
both by Dr. Willard F. Harley

My DH and I have read both through our own counseling and they have really opened our eyes to the other person's perspective.

Here's a link to Dr. Harley's Marriage Builders website. Good information there, too:

Anonymous said...


Here's a better link:

tammy/mickey15 said...

Dances, I just read your today's blog and posted a comment, and someohow I posted the comment to your "celery" blog from a few days ago. I have no idea how in the world I did that, but here is what I posted:

Hey dances, too bad I couldn't come to your garage sale!! I see a ouija board that I would've bought for my brother, and is that a baby seat with a tray that you strap into a kitchen chair? I looked at garage sales a few times this summer for one of those!

Sorry your vacuum broke, but at least you have an excuse to get a new cooler vacuum1

Hope things start looking up for you.


parhelia said...

my eyes nearly bugged out of my head after reading about the vacuum filter, so i'm REALLY glad you secretly hated that vacuum! just, wow....

i have a feeling you might need to have that wonderful union rep of yours take that man out for drinks several times for an ongoing course in "how to function in the 21st century"! that really could be a good portion of his problem--just not understanding certain norms. like never taking a machine that has a filter and running it without said filter.

count me among your cheerleaders. we're here for you! and we can do crazy things like mail him "reminders" from all over the country so that you don't have to keep telling him yourself! hehe! ;-)

Beth_in_TX said...

"and a daughter that seems to emit confetti, sparkles, and shreds of kleenex like some girly version of pigpen," Dances, this is such a great disscription! I can actually SEE your DD trailing glitter behind her!