Thursday, August 24, 2006

Do people even wear wristwarmers?

So I finished the purple scarf. And I made a crochet edging all around (a row of single crochet, then a row of a single crochet and a chain one in each previous single). I made a loopy sort of fringe on the two short ends, by chaining 3 in each single crochet. All this did help the folding somewhat, and I just made the decision to pretend I didn't see it because I don't know how to fix it, and this yarn DOES NOT RIP. Nope, it holds on tighter than a baby monkey. There was almost a ball left over (the original pattern called for making a scarf and a hat, I made a decision not to make the hat AFTER buying enough yarn to make it) so I made wristwarmers! There wasn't quite enough to make mittens (and surely not enough for gloves). Fingerless gloves maybe, but in the sewing up I forgot to leave thumbholes - because I am just that kind of idiot for those of you who wanted to know how I could forget to leave thumbholes. It turns out the length of them would have been ill suited for fingerless gloves anyhow, and as wristwarmers they are pretty fine. My mother hates the cold. HATES. She bundles up in multiple sweaters, cowls, heavy coats as soon as the temp hits below 75. Any skin that may possibly be exposed to wind or weather must be covered promptly. That means boots that come to the knee (never mind you have big calves and boots never fit right - even if your toes don't get frostbit they will fall off anyway because those calves are being squeezed tight enough to cut your circulation) with pants tucked into them. Long sleeve turtle necks under sweaters. A cowl to protect your face held in place with a scarf, which in turn is tucked into your coat. Especially heinous is the space where your glove stops and your sleeve begins. No matter how many times you tuck that sleeve in, it pops right back out every time you move. A person could die of cold, if their wrists are exposed. At least to hear her tell it ;). Enter, the wristwarmer! It isn't so much to be worn alone to keep your wrist warm, rather than to be worn over top your gloves to bridge that gap and clamp it tightly closed. The person who will wear the scarf does not wear hats. In fact, she disdains them, as her hair is usually quite highly quaffed. But this person hates the cold about as much as my mother, and I think would like the wristwarmers. If not, she can throw them away or stuff them into the closet never to be seen again - whichever she prefers. Not like I am going to follow her around and make sure she is wearing them. Dh started off saying he thought they were a silly idea. But as they formed on the needles (smartly made at the same time using each end of the yarn ball, which was dead annoying and a pain in the arse but saved me from having to "make two") - he changed his tune. He started to LIKE them. He hates gloves, because they never fit. He hates mittens, because they feel clumsy. Fingerless gloves are for sissies. But wristwarmers? He wondered aloud if a person could make such a pair with that "suede" yarn like I used for his cell phone pouch, and add bedazzles so they kind of look like those studded wristlets. Yeah, a real man could wear THOSE. Rarely does he show an interest in my crafts, and even rarer still does he make hints about reaping the benefits of it. I think I'll have to spend some time looking for a pattern. I'm making him an unsolicited hat as well, because I am tired of hearing him complain that his head is cold - specificially the "bald spot that is not to be mentioned". I am sure it isn't very comfy to have snow flakes melting on a bare pate. I don't know why it bothers him so much, that bald spot. I don't care, and DD likes it. When she was small, she made DH sit so she could put barrettes in his hair. Afterwards, she sat in front of him for HER turn. "Here daddy, put these in my spot". What spot? "You know, that round spot like yours?". She didn't realize that EVERYBODY didn't have a spot like that. After a full explanation, and a slight scolding that we don't speak of such things out loud, she said she understood. But really, she loves to pat him gently there or kiss it LOL. It's actually very cute, and no matter how furious DH acts I think he secretly likes it. And there is some irresistable draw that it has. I tend to kiss him there in passing and even the cat puts her nose on it on the way across his pillow. And that is a pretty cold cat nose, I might add. But cold cat nose kisses are the biggest flattery ever, at least in this house. Xena doesn't give them out willy nilly. She also licks elbows, which is less flattering and makes one feel violated, but that is a whole other blog LOL. I need to get a tote. I can put all the Christmas presents in it as they are finished so I can keep track of what is done, and what needs finishing. I have resolved to work on BOTH ponchos today. Whether or not I do it is another thing, but resolve I did. My reward, if I do accept my mission, is a Starbucks Cafe Latte. Just espresso and skim milk, but for some reason I love those things. But the cost! Sheesh. I might steal my mother's espresso machine, I don't think she's ever used it. Old style with a pot, my druthers is a "shot machine" - the kind that just spits it out a spout and you don't have to worry about pressure guages and tamping and whatnot. But for free? For free I can deal with the little glass pot and taking my chances with the pressure thingy. Saturday DD will be gone all day, and I am such a party animal that I will be using that time to - hold on to your seats - CLEAN. I can't get anybody to agree to wash my floors, and I think it's because the state of the house is scaring them. I don't want them to do ANYTHING but wash the kitchen floor and clean the bathroom, but their eyes wander at all the picking up in other rooms and frightens them off. Or scares the estimate higher. I know if my sister can pay 60 dollars for a whole house cleaning, in a house twice as large as mine, it shouldn't cost 80 dollars to wash a small kitchen floor and scrub a tub. The tub isn't THAT bad. We have too much stuff for a small space. It's easier to purge without DD and DH standing there and insisting they NEED that pile of twist ties that has been sitting on the counter for a month. Off to check my sugar level. I am not optimistic. I've already washed and cut the celery.

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I do love reading your blog. I've told you this before, I just wanted you to know I'm still lovin it! :)