Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Has she melted away? Been kidnapped?

No, I am right here. Just took a break, that is all. Whew, if it gets any hotter or more humid outside I may have to stand inside a steaming hot shower to cool off. When we open the door, the hot mugginess hits us in the face like a club. The only one that isn't trying to avoid going outside at all costs is Ruby. She cannot take the heat at ALL but for some reason keeps wanting to go outside. When I force her to come in because she is practically in convulsions from panting so hard, she sits at the window and looks wistfully at the steaming yard. The dog is strange, y'all. We have air conditioning. Good air conditioning. But you get so overheated just walking from the car to the house (oh, let's say ten feet maybe) that it takes a good hour to stop feeling steam-peeled. Not roasted, because roasting is a DRY heat. My father is doing well. As in up and around, at home well. I am amazed at how quickly it all happened! In Canada, he would still be puffy and disoriented and just maybe sitting up now. And we would have to fast forward about a year and a half, because no way would he have had surgery by now. I am truly convinced that waiting long enough for most of your patients to pass away is being done as a cost saving measure. It takes so long for surgeries and treatments these days. I sit and stare at how much money is cut off my paycheck in taxes, then think about all the programs that have been cut in medicine and education, and frankly, I want to know where my money is fricken going. The roads are falling apart, the library is open 16 hours a week, waiting lists for life saving surgeries measure in the years. The waiting list for some cancer treatments is longer than the prognosis many times. If you can live long enough to take the treatment, you might have a chance then I guess. At least in the states you have the option to sell your house and pay for the treatment you need. Here, you don't have to sell your belongings but then again you have to hope to outlive the waiting list. You don't have to pay for that heart surgery, but you might not live long enough to get your turn. Frustrating. DD's arm is doing well. She is adjusting to the splint just fine. We are such wonderful parents that we watched her try and feed herself a piece of hot dog, and her bent arm could not reach her mouth and we watched and laughed for a bit before suggesting maybe using her other hand. We have to get our amusement somewhere! She will go to daycamp tomorrow, but very upset that she is not allowed to swim. The splint goes off and on easy enough but they don't want her putting any stress on the elbow, so swimming is out. Hopefully by tomorrow things will be a bit more normal and I will have gotten back into the swing of things. For now, I have some groceries to pick up but I'm waiting for the sun to go down and hopefully keep myself from steaming in the car like a mussel in white wine. The mussel has it better, at least it gets a drink before it cooks up.


Margaret said...

You need to write a book. Seriously. You are a great writer. Have you heard of Laurie Notaro? Your style of writing reminds me of her. Your Blog is fun to read!

Anonymous said...

Been missing your blog, Dances.
I'm soooo glad your dad is home and doing well.

Glad DD just has a splint, too.